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Returning Our SCHOOLS to PARENTS and CHILDREN with PETE PETERS, WAYNE PATTERSON, and ALISABETH LANCASTER (Candidates for Santa Rosa, Florida County School Board)

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Hello Everybody!

Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing three candidates for the Santa Rosa County, Florida School Board: Pete Peters, Wayne Patterson, and Alisabeth Lancaster. And now the interview is out…

Pete, Wayne, and Alisabeth stepped up when they saw a need to get involved and rescue our schools from the grip of a group of people who I believe do not truly care for the best interests of our children or the sovereignty of the parents to decide what is best for them.

HERE’S MY INTERVIEW with these three Santa Rosa County School Board candidates.

If you live in Santa Rosa County, I strongly suggest that you view this interview as early voting has ALREADY STARTED!

But I understand that most of you who read this blog do not live in the county. I hope that you watch the interview too. Because you will see principles and issues that transcend areas. I hope to help awaken something in you to get involved in your own area–THIS is where we have the most control.

And what better way to be involved than the education of our next generation?

It’s time to stop the complaining, and start rolling up our sleeves! Because the alternative is a country we will surely lose.

To your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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