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Powerbuilding: 6 Benefits for Older Men (VIDEO)

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Powerbuilding? What in the heck is that?

I explain that in today’s VIDEO, as well as six amazing benefits:

#1: Weight Bearing

#2: Central Nervous System (CNS) work

#3: Simplicity

#4: Fast

#5: Strength

#6: Muscle

Be sure to watch the video for the explanation. Powerbuilding is one of the most… ahem… powerful exercises anyone can do, particularly for older men, as I discuss. Check it out!

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Patrick Rooney is the Founder of Its focus is natural health and independent living. Patrick is the author of GREEK PHYSIQUE: The Simple, Satisfying Way to Sculpt Your Body—Even if You’re Old, Weak, or Broken Down; and is also the creator of Greek Yoga™ and the Greek Yoga for Beginners video. He offers health and fitness consulting in-person in Middle Tennessee and worldwide via phone, Zoom, and Skype. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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