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Podcast #14 (GOD-Cast #2): Taking Back Our AUTHORITY With LEN CROSS

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Hello Old Schoolers!

Len Cross is a bold Christian freedom activist I’ve met here in Florida. He’s not famous–he’s a simple family man, a welder by trade, and a man of insight and common sense–just the kind of man I wanted to interview for my second “GOD-Cast”!

I hope you appreciate Len as much as I do.

Be sure to check out Len’s fascinating YouTube channels (scroll down for links). You can also find him on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy this interview, and feel free to give me your feedback.

To hear the AUDIO VERSION, scroll to the BOTTOM of this post.

To see the VIDEO VERSION, go to:

Rumble Version

YouTube Version ***NOTE: Don’t bother–YouTube removed this video when it was still “Private” for violating it’s “Community Standards” and gave my channel a “strike.” My future on the channel is in jeopardy, which I consider a badge of honor. THEY are the ones on the wrong side of history. THEY are the ones who will have to answer for supporting those who have committed crimes against humanity.***

Len Cross contact email

Prophetic Warnings & Signs (Len Cross YouTube Channel)

Finish Line Ahead (Part 1)

Finish Line Ahead (Part 2)

allinlen (Len Cross general YouTube Channel)

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