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Podcast #12: “GOD-Cast” #1 with ROBERT CAMPBELL

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Hello Old Schoolers!

I have been talking with many of you recently, and have heard much wisdom.

You are seeing so much, and it hit me one day that I wanted others to hear some of these conversations too, so these “GOD-Casts” were born!

I would like the center of these conversations to be how God is working in your life. Sometimes He’s moving us in directions we did not expect. Sometimes He is replacing our goals with HIs direction. Sometimes talents are arising that work toward His purposes.

For my first “God-Cast,” I recently interviewed my good friend, Robert Campbell. Robert is a “Christian American who happens to be black.” He is a writer, artist, and is skilled working with his hands. He is also a Guest Contributor to Old School.

Robert has much wisdom to share with you–you will be inspired!

For these interviews, I am purposely keeping the structure to a minimum, to allow my guests to speak what’s on their minds. I hope you find value in them. Please don’t hesitate to let me know.

To see the VIDEO VERSION, go to:

Rumble Version

YouTube Version

You can reach Robert HERE.

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And let me know what you think of our first “GOD-Cast.” I know it will truly bless you.

To your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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