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Old School Update–Finding Direction In Perilous Times


I hope you’re doing well, even considering the trying circumstances we find ourselves in in America and worldwide. Keep your chin up–God is good, and if we follow Him, He will guide us.

I’m seriously overdue for an update, and here it is…

I’ve been in Southern Oregon helping an organization dear to my heart–FHU (the Foundation of Human Understanding). FHU was the late Roy Masters’ organization. I originally sought this organization out when I was a young man and started to flounder.

Roy Masters taught a simple observation-meditation technique he called “Be Still and Know,” which is really just a way to get back in touch with our true selves–the selves we were as children before we were corrupted. In its purest sense, the “be still exercise” is silent prayer.

Practicing this prayer daily (morning and night) helped me a great deal, as did Mr. Masters’ “teachings” (I hesitate to use that term, because all truth is already inside us (“the kingdom of Heaven is within, said the true Master), but sometimes we need a reminder when we have fallen away.

I ended up being pulled away from Roy Masters’ church and ultimately the “Be Still and Know” prayer by another minister. That was MY weakness. But after a two-decade detour, I have “returned to my roots.”

And now I’m working daily–helping the FHU save souls and provide a beacon of light during “perilous” times. Roy Masters has passed on, and his son Alan is now heading the organization up, with the assistance of his brother, David and other dedicated people.

The Foundation conducts weekly “Sunday Conversations” in Southern Oregon–these conversations are available here.

They also produce an exceptional podcast/radio show called “Perilous World Radio,” which is available on the FHU website, Rumble, and is also broadcasted in a number of cities on Radio America network. It’s the best show you may never have heard of.

Last Friday’s show (“Code of Ethics”), co-hosted by David Masters and Jan Masters (Alan’s wife) contained some excellent content, including Jan’s explanation of why God sent Jesus to earth, and the significance of his life, death, and resurrection. Watch/listen to this, and especially this section beginning around the 39 minute mark. The show covers spirituality, psychology, current events, and even a little politics.

The FHU also has a beautiful ranch in Southern Oregon called Tall Timber Ranch, where people come for a break and to “reboot” from today’s high-stress world. The FHU also periodically hosts seminars such as last year’s powerful “The Reckoning”. They are planning a new Reckoning seminar for next month. Details will be forthcoming soon. Stay tuned.

In addition to all of this, the FHU supports Patriot Outreach, which offers the observation-meditation exercise free to all veterans–many of whom have been plagued by PTSD.

The FHU is currently going through an extremely tough time financially. They have had to make painful cutbacks, and if donations do not increase soon, more cutbacks will follow, including the potential loss of their radio show. Please consider supporting their critical work with a one-time or monthly donation.

My Friends Join Protest at Dodger Stadium (LA) Against Anti-Catholic Hate Group

I’m happy to report that some of my Southern California friends (including Robert, Martin, and Brian) recently joined a protest at Dodger stadium against and anti-Catholic group of “drag nuns” called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Dodgers were “honoring” the group last night, and a large group of protesters found this rightfully disgusting.

Conservative Catholic organization Church Militant was heavily involved in the protest. See their video reports here.

Love that shirt, Martin!
Hat tip: Brian!
LA awakened!

I have other friends in Southern California who are members of the Armenian community, which overall is traditional values-oriented–but yet not very culturally active–until now! Some community members were part of a heated protest at the Glendale Unified School District, when the school board voted to support a resolution designating June as LGBTQ+ “pride” month. Another protest was held on Tuesday evening. There was violence at the original protest, which i don’t condone on either side. We don’t need violence to win–just a bold spirit!

The immoral extremists have pushed things so far, that they may have finally awakened America, the “sleeping giant.” I truly hope that this is the case.

Shout Out to My Friends in Florida!

I want to say “hello” to my friends in Northwest Florida who have fought so hard for their county (Santa Rosa), and even the ENTIRE state of Florida. Chance Johnmeyer–Founder of Recall, Florida, his wife Rene, Carmen Reynolds, Jerry Couey (who is running for the Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners next year–Go, Jerry!) and many others, have worked tirelessly for three years to give EVERY county in Florida the chance to be able to recall corrupt county officials.

Unfortunately, they fell just short of their goal this year despite the hard work of new Florida House Rep. Dr. Joel Rudman, who sponsored the bill. The forces in government that support corruption are strong, and will fight like hell to keep it! Keep the faith, Chance and friends. In every way, we are in a marathon–not a sprint!

Likewise, CORE (Citizens Organizing to Restore Ethics), spearheaded by Angie Carter and others, and assisted by the great research of Diane Warner, is an amazing “watchdog” organization that is doing all in its power to shift power back to the People. I would like to see a presence such as theirs in EVERY county in America! It’s NOT too late to help change your county for the better.

There is a lot more I could say in this report, but this is enough for now. If you would like to get in touch with me, email me here. If you would like to tell me what YOU’RE doing to help your community/county/family/friends, then feel free to let me know.

I haven’t posted any videos for awhile, and I do miss doing them, especially LIVE streams! I have been quite busy, but if you would like to see me do any in the future, give me a holler 🙂 . I’ve always felt that I’d perhaps left so many potential interviews/interesting topics on the table. I like talking to people and hearing how they think. And I’ve always enjoyed communication in general. Maybe it’s all those early years feeling alone, and catching up for lost time 🙂 .

Meanwhile, I’m spending much of my time on what I consider productive and useful. I hope you are too. Time is going by fast, and our days of (relative) freedom are being challenged as never before. The forces of darkness know their days are numbered as the People awaken, and they will get increasingly desperate to maintain control as things move forward.

But do not be discouraged–God is with those who acknowledge Him, and with those who listen for the “still, small” voice of His holy spirit. May He be with you.

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom!


Founder, Old School

12 thoughts on “Old School Update–Finding Direction In Perilous Times”

  1. I’m so glad I attended the protest with my friends (and thousands of others) against “The Twisted Sisters of Perpetual Perversion” at Dodger Stadium.
    At one point there were over a mile of tightly packed protesters (mostly men) who lined the streets entering the ballpark.
    It was an awesome sight to behold.
    I realized we are not alone in this fight .
    If everyone stands up in their own way to oppose corruption, the enemy certainly will be defeated.

    1. Beautiful! So nice to hear, Brian! This is a perfect example of what we can do if we see past our selfishness and stop the infighting. I guarantee you joined together with many people who likely had many points of disagreements they could have chosen to focus on. United we stand–divided we fall!

  2. Thanks for the update Patrick – I’m listening to Perilous World Radio with Jan & David right now through your link – it is so powerful……and you reminded me to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and make a donation. Pay my light bill, as Roy used to say.

    1. You’re welcome, Nancy. Nice to hear from you! Yes, some powerful content. More people need to be aware of it. And I’m glad the post sparked you to remember to donate. The FHU can surely use it!

    1. I’m happy to mention the good my friends do, Arman! Glad that Jack was there too. There is a tide turning in this country and I hope and pray it continues and grows–God knows we need to stand for what is right, and protect the children.

  3. Patrick thanks for mentioning me in your article. Yes Im proud of “my” people for standing up united and protecting their children from evil. And yes there was violence that I don’t condone either and it can be embarrassment. But I gladly attended. It had been a while since I’ve joined any protest and it felt right to do so. And thanks for updates on you

  4. NOTE: I reserve the right to delete comments or users as necessary. This is not a democracy, and no one has the inherent right to spew their viewpoints on my site. It’s kind of like defacing art at a museum. If you don’t like the “art,” then make your own! In other words, get off my lawn! 🙂

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