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My Son’s Feet LEVITATED Off the Ground! (VIDEO)

My son had a very interesting and unusual experience–which he describes in THIS NEW VIDEO. I think you’ll appreciate it.

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19 thoughts on “My Son’s Feet LEVITATED Off the Ground! (VIDEO)”

  1. Thanks Paul…a nice blessing for you. Have you thought of putting this up on your own YouTube channel too? Maybe you have one already? They are colluding with the medical mafia in this bio-attack on the world, but of course can still be used for a lot of good.
    I had a similar experience years ago where my entire soul was separated and pulled far into space for a brief time. I could still feel or sense my hands together in meditation, but they were far far away. It frightened me a little bit, I suppose a bit like Peter walking on the water and then sinking, and I immediately returned into my body then.
    Take care

    1. Thanks Fabian! That’s a very interesting experience Fabian. It seems like you reached a deep and peaceful place during your meditation. It’s funny you mentioned you became frightened and returned to your body, because I forgot to mention in the video that after the 1-2 minutes of my feet hovering off ground a little bit, my right foot become itchy. I resisted the urge to itch it for a minute, but eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore and raised my foot to itch it. When I put my foot back down the levitation was gone. The connection was broken.

  2. I remember an older mediation by Roy Masters where he instructed that your arms would rise by themselves into the air.
    I tried it and it worked to some extent, and my arms did rise into the air on their own. It was something he said would testify to the power of spirit to affect the body. More of a demonstration than something we needed to do very often. So it is not surprising at all that your son would experience this. Thanks for the video! What a wonderful young man!

    1. Thank you, Sid. Yes, I tried that “meditation” too. I had not thought about the commonality there–interesting. Yes, that does testify as to how the spirit can affect the body! And thanks too, regarding my son. Yes, he is quite a young man!

    2. Yeah I heard about that! That’s very interesting. There’s definitely something going on there. I agree with you, it’s definitely the spirit affecting the body. Thank you, Sid I appreciate it!

  3. It’s a case of “Believe it or Not”. Those of us who know these things are possible come to regard them as normal manifestations of higher powers, and even expect these sorts of things to occur from time to time, without shock but rather quiet appreciation and thanks. But I can’t resist posting another opportunistic video with the excuse that it helps us interpret the miracle you have kindly shared with us:

    1. Yes I agree. It’s just a side effect of seeking God in prayer and meditation.
      Ha ha thanks for posting that song, David! I’ve never heard it before that’s great.

  4. I think this is marvelous. The devil will of course start to put thoughts in your head to take credit for it, or to get arrogant and ti interpreter it as a sign of being special, or rather superior to everybody else. But you will be prepared for this angle of attack. Regarding the Chi (or Qi), I sent your family a book some time ago written by my urologist (I know it sounds like one of my jokes, but honestly Dr Robins is my urologist) entitled “Your Hands can Heal You”. It teaches practices and exercises to develop the skills of a school of energy medicine called Pranic Healing. I’d like to ask you to get your Dad to try to find the book, and see what you think of it. Maybe you could scan your parents for blockages in the flow of their Chi and help them attain their full potential. It teaches us how to draw upon and direct Chi from the sun, the earth, or the air to effect healing. This could be a more productive use of your Chi that floating around the house. We wouldn’t want you getting “carried away” with levitating. Remember Mary Poppins:

    1. Thank you David, yes I agree only God allowed me to experience this “floating” feet phenomenon. I know I couldn’t have done it. I’ve tried before and failed ha ha.

      About the “Healing Hands” book. Yes I read that book as soon as it arrived, and it was very interesting! But I had to stop reading at a certain point because I couldn’t understand what the instructor was talking about. He was getting into some advanced stuff. But I took the overall principles and tried to heal with the Chi/Qi energy. It worked a couple of times.
      For example, with my mom’s ankle she said she felt a electrical pulse flowing where my hand was.

      The “levitation” thing was something I’ve wanted to do for about a year now and I THANK GOD he’s allowing me to do so. Although that has been the only time I’ve experienced it so far. Thanks again David!

  5. Maybe the yogi levitating is like pharaoh’s magicians turning their sticks into snakes. Pharaoh’s magicians performed other wonders that matched what Moses was doing but eventually the miracles of Moses was something they could not replicate.
    Deja voo? I think I heard a similar testimony years ago. How great is it that something like this happens to you when you are so young?

    1. Yeah that’s very interesting how that works. Whether that was the only time or not, who knows but just knowing it’s possible makes me happy. I’m so grateful God gave me a taste of what it feels like, because I’ve been praying to experience this for a year now. Thank you Martin for your comment!

  6. Patrick, found you through the JLP debacle and honestly I believed you. I understand this is your son, but it makes it hard to believe your other claims when you then promote someone who claims to be able to levitate and use telekinesis.

    I know the two things seem unrelated but I just want to see if you have anything to say about this. I have listened to everything you, Fabian, and Martin have said and written, so I’ve done my due diligence. However, it is just hard for me to believe someone’s claims about anything when they also seem to believe in or at least promote other claims that have little evidence supporting them besides one man’s testimony.

    Not trying to interrogate you or embarrass your son. Just trying to dig a little deeper.

    1. Thank you, “Truthseeker.” I’m so proud of my son, and believe him 100% He doesn’t lie. You have to make your own decision about who or what you believe. I am quite well known among the “old” congregation of BOND. I am confident (and appreciative) that I am believed among the vast majority of those who know me. That is enough for me.

    2. I get where you’re coming from “TruthSeeker”. I wasn’t trying to take away from my dad’s blog posts about “the pastor” at all. It was so cool of him to share my experience on his blog. And about the “levitation” and “telekinesis” videos I made, both are real. If you watch the Telekinesis one, you can clearly see an invisible force is moving the string in the room. Like a tugging force or something. But anyway you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s real or not. Thanks for your perspective though!

  7. I loved the interview Paul! Well done.
    Years ago I witnessed a yogi levitation demonstration of him in a levitation position as his legs we crossed and hands folded. He also was only a few inches off the floor. Remember Christ our Lord walked on water and he said that greater things would we do.
    I believe it possible but with the faith of a mustard seed.
    Be blessed as you continue your journey!

    1. Thank you I appreciate it! I thank God for it. And that’s right faith of a mustard seed. Yeah that story is awesome about the Yogi. He was probably real if he only floated only an inch and not 3 feet like other fake performers like you said haha.

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