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(MUST WATCH!) WAYNE ALLYN ROOT Cuts Through the MEDIA PUSH for WAR With RUSSIA (Old School Podcast #16)

If you’re keeping up with Old School, you know that I’ve been getting a quick education regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It seems everybody is.

There is a lot of propaganda in the air, as there always is when war is involved, and corrupt entities are involved. We need to know–as best as we can–what is true and what is not true in this situation.

In a conflict which has the potential to become nuclear, ALL of our lives may be on the line.

What has clearly emerged now, is that almost everything we see in the media paints Vladimir Putin as an unhinged madman, and that President Zelensky and Ukraine only seek freedom. Therefore, there is a massive push to get the U.S. more deeply involved–perhaps DANGEROUSLY so.

We must look at this situation as objectively as possible, and not simply rush headlong into a potentially catastrophic situation for everyone.

It appears that the real story is not quite as simple as the one we are being (relentlessly) told.

Wayne Allyn Root

I’ve been trying to book an interview with Wayne Allyn Root for some time. Wayne is a fascinating fellow, a Messianic (believes in Christ) Jew, a one-time Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, a successful entrepreneur, a syndicated radio host on USA Radio Network, a syndicated columnist, and the author of fifteen books.

You can find out all about Wayne at his website,

He’s well-informed, incredibly energetic, and a straight shooter–Wayne doesn’t beat around the bush, which is a critically important quality when the future of the world is at stake.

Yesterday, I happened to run into a new article from Wayne–Here’s the Shocking Reason Why Putin is Invading Ukraine.

I had to interview Wayne about this piece, and I DID! It is a MUST WATCH!

I spoke with Wayne today on the Old School With Patrick Rooney Podcast, and because of the urgency of this message, am posting the interview NOW.

To hear the AUDIO VERSION, scroll to the BOTTOM of this post.

To see the VIDEO VERSION, go to…

RUMBLE Version

Odysee Version

Trust me–Wayne did not hold back at all regarding Putin, Biden, Trump, Zelensky, Soros, and others.

Nor did he hold back on what he believes is going on inside Ukraine, with COVID 19 vaccinations and our military, and much more! This episode is just over 30 minutes long, and it’s well worth your time.

I don’t know for sure exactly what’s going on with Russia and the Ukraine, but I now think it’s obvious that we are being manipulated by the media and political leaders to rush headlong into escalating a situation that we likely would not be able to control.

Things could get ugly, but the more ignorant we are, the uglier things can get. Let’s educate ourselves the best we can. And pray for God’s protection.

Let me know what you think of the interview.

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1 thought on “(MUST WATCH!) WAYNE ALLYN ROOT Cuts Through the MEDIA PUSH for WAR With RUSSIA (Old School Podcast #16)”

  1. It was good but Wayne is making the same mistake that many nit so spiritual conservatives are making…still hoping for national salvation from a man who is morally very compromised by lying about objectively known bioweapons in the fake vaxes. Nobody who is connected to God can not call out our own side when they are this wrong. Not possible.

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