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LIVE TOMORROW NIGHT! (Wednesday 8/17/22 6pm PT / 9pm ET) “FRIENDS Who DISAGREE! Guest: Comedian MARC YAFFEE”

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Hello Everybody!

Well, we’ve reached that time in the “evolution” of our Old School podcasts: The time to bring on guests who disagree with your host!

Yes, we have already had guests on who disagree with me, but not in a one-on-one interview setting. I have had my long-time friend and successful comedian MARC YAFFEE on in the early stages of my podcast journey, but I don’t think we broached too many disagreeable topics–this one will be DIFFERENT!

I have experienced and noticed the breakup of many friendships over political, cultural, religious, and even medical differences. I understand that sometimes it cannot be helped, but overall it is a great tragedy.

Those who control us have successfully separated us from each other on the basis of race, sex, sexual identity, income, ideas, and so on. Some separation will happen naturally, but I believe the majority of it that has happened in this country and worldwide is preventable, and is just the result of people falling to the temptation to judge their fellow men and women.

I know I will not agree with much of what my friend, Marc has to say, nor will he agree with me. But if at the least, we get some understanding of how the other person has arrived at their conclusions, I believe we have learned a lot.

Let’s overcome this idea that we must follow our own “tribe”–right or wrong. Haven’t we seen too much of people refusing to call out “their own” while missing no opportunity to attack someone in another “tribe”?

Let’s be willing to let the chips fall where they may, and approach each topic and person with a fresh approach. To agree or disagree without concern or hatred. Is that too much to ask in this cynical world?

So join us tomorrow (Wednesday 8/17/22) night at 6 pm Pacific Time / 9 pm Eastern Time (U.S.) And please comment in the chat if you have something to say. I’m sure you’ll want to!

Let us see if we are able–through God’s help–to save our Union, or at least make a difference among our own friends and family. It’s certainly worth a try!

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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