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LIVE TOMORROW NIGHT (Wednesday 7/6/22 at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET) Taking RESPONSIBILITY or SLAVE to Sin? JLP Scandal (w/ MARTIN FRANCIS, FABIAN ASENSIO, and MY SON)

Hello Everybody!

Since exposing my long-term sexual relationship with Jesse Lee Peterson, and the witness of others regarding Jesse’s homosexual grooming / predation of men, I have sought to take responsibility for my part of this. It has not been easy to explain or even fully get a handle on this, as there is something inside us that is compulsive (the “slave” to sin, as Paul has written about in the book of Romans).

I am bringing my friends MARTIN FRANCIS and FABIAN ASENSIO–both who have long-time experience with sin and JLP, to help us sort through this thorny issue. Also joining us will be my SON.

CLICK FOR DIRECT STREAM LINK (includes links to related shows)

This should be a super-interesting show (God willing of course!). I hope you can make it.

To your Health, Success, and FREE-Dom!


Patrick Rooney, Founder

Old School

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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6 thoughts on “LIVE TOMORROW NIGHT (Wednesday 7/6/22 at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET) Taking RESPONSIBILITY or SLAVE to Sin? JLP Scandal (w/ MARTIN FRANCIS, FABIAN ASENSIO, and MY SON)”

  1. I agree. Jesse’s message unfortunately has no merit behind it as it is a corrupt man being the messenger. I will have to check out your interview.

  2. Whats up Patrick. So Jesse on his monday show said something along the lines of

    “Separate the man from the message”

    Around 51:33 when he talks about people being helped by BOND. I think the pressure is getting to him, the Satan spirit in him cant help but say these things. Even the most devout Jessebot had to question that statement! Keep it up Patrick.

    1. Thank you, Tyson. One of Jesse’s supporters, calling himself “Sal” or “Saul,” called in to the Live stream interview I did last night on the “I AM FIT” Podcast, and quoted the same thing (“Separate the man from the message”). I agree with that statement to some extent. If a message is sound (at least some of it), and the man is not, the message still stands. But we are called to BE the message! Remember Gandhi saying to “BE the change you wish to see in the world.” The Christian walk is about overcoming sin in all its forms. And Jesse gained his position by claiming that he DOES NOT SIN. The whole thing (other than some good in his message) has been a fraud! IMO, the man should be “separated” from the Christian church he founded!

    2. The pressure isn’t getting to him, it’s another deceptive ploy to try and keep followers and supporters to stick around in spite of recent revelations about him.

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