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LIVE Stream TONIGHT at 6 PM Pacific Time / 9 PM Eastern Time (U.S.): Stand for FREEDOM–Stand for UKRAINE!

I’ve had a wakeup call this week.

I’ve been far too ignorant of the world beyond America’s borders.

I’ve been far too ignorant about the heart of Putin.

I’ve been far too ignorant about the People of Ukraine’s courage, and their desire for freedom.

Perhaps this is a wakeup call for many of us.

Join me tonight HERE for a LIVE Stream about the need to stand for freedom–in Ukraine and everywhere–before it is extinguished.

President Zelensky is a hero–choosing to stay and fight, and refusing an offer from the Biden administration to flee his country.

Meanwhile, Biden is fleeing to Delaware while under no direct threat. Putin has shown himself to be a heartless thug–bent on accumulating more power as he attempts to snuff out the lives of a People who have repeatedly chosen independence.

And China stands by, waiting for the most opportune moment to attack Taiwan.

We have all had to get educated quickly, particularly those of us in the West who are too reliant on “mainstream” media for our news. We are poorly informed, and that must change if we are to hold onto any vestige of freedom.

Meanwhile, American, Canadian, and many other nations are losing our freedoms daily.

Many have said that the situation in Ukraine would not have happened under Trump–which I believe as well–but Americans were losing freedoms even when Trump was in power.

Ultimately ALL freedom is lost once we lose our connection to God. Only reconnecting with Him will solve our problems.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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3 thoughts on “LIVE Stream TONIGHT at 6 PM Pacific Time / 9 PM Eastern Time (U.S.): Stand for FREEDOM–Stand for UKRAINE!”

  1. I disagree. This, the US, is the same govt whos been lying to us the whole time about the china virus. I believe NOTHING they say or so-called report on anymore. When all the democrats and RINOs are praising Ukraine, something isnt right. They also have banned anything PRO-Russia. Took off RT tv.. And if you try to make a case for Russia, you quickly get labeled a trader. Ukraine has been in bed with the democrats for years. Just not right. I have to go outside the mainstream outlets like GAB, Bitchute, Rumble, to get the truth. Everybody so worried about Ukraine and this was the same time it was disclosed they were spying on a sitting US president (Trump). How convenient. And where’s Fauci? They’ve completely abandoned their virus scamdemic and have open arms for Ukraine. When they let our southern border wide open. It should be America First! c’mon OLD SCHOOL US! You should be with me. US first!

    1. Plissken, my long comment to you just got wiped out. In short, sorry for delay. I’m getting more educated as I go, and at this point mostly agree with you.

      Only don’t agree Putin is a good guy. Still looks like KGB thug to me.

  2. I believe Putin is the classic psychopath, now blaming the victims for his own agression and murder, threatening nuclear war now. We are in Revelation right now.

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