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LIVE Saturday Night 4/15/23 at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET: What YOU Can Do For YOUR COUNTRY!

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Hi All!

We’re going LIVE again tomorrow night (or today–depending on when you see this). President John F. Kennedy famously said, “Ask not what YOUR COUNTRY can do for you–ask what YOU can do for your country!”

Americans have for the most part regressed into the former, and because of that, we are suffering greatly. I have some pointed–yet simple suggestions regarding how YOU can reverse this disease!

Join us Saturday 4/15/23 at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET and see us in the chat! We have a simple choice–get busy or lose our country–yes, it’s that simple! So what will it be? Tune in and get a little help with your direction and maybe even motivation! See you there!

If you happen to miss the LIVE show, go to the same link above to see the replay.

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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