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KILLING Hydroxychloroquine (Don’t Miss VIDEOS!)

In MY LATEST VIDEO, I present three videos in one: 1. A dissection of a recent Washington Post video hit piece on Hydroxychloroquine. 2. An update on Dr. Vladmir “Zev” Zelenko, creator of the Hydroxychloroquine “cocktail.” 3. A jaw-dropping discovery of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s relationship to a controversial VA Hydrochloroquine study.

Dr. Zelenko possesses what he himself calls “the most important information in the world.” In this video, he talks about what he’s doing with that information. So buckle up and see the latest information about the most important treatment of our time. It is in you and your loved ones’ interest to see how to keep it from being “killed.” 

I also want to mention a RELATED VIDEO that I viewed this morning. It is a piece of an upcoming documentary called PlandemicThe video I just viewed is an interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits and I implore you to view it BEFORE IT IS REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE. You won’t regret it. Note: You can also download this video yourself by going to the Plandemic website. Note: The interview may be a challenge to your current way of thinking. But I ask you to view it with an open mind. It is also not the original uploaded interview, which has since been removed by YouTube as I expected.

Feel free to respond to today’s post with any questions or comments you may have.

The stakes have gotten higher, and will continue to rise. It’s time to be informed. Our future is on the line.

To your health and fitness…


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