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Keep Calm–Choose LIFE (The UK In 2021)

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You are our Peace, God, from the thousand weariness’s of our daily life, from the disappointments, from the nervous and senseless haste, we turn to you and are at peace. Clamour dies, and we are alive in the sunshine of your presence.

Even so, please come, to this soul of mine……

Telling people to stay calm, overcome, and do the right thing during any type of trauma is almost an anathema to most human souls. Since the falling away of a connection to the real God, mankind has become very self-reliant on their own thoughts, desires, understanding, and emotions to solve a problem. They are deeply embedded. Some people call it our ego, a false sense of who we really are. In this state, we fail to see the importance of staying calm and objective in the ‘present’ moment. 

The current ‘fear-driven’ pandemic is obviously not the only trauma which is also affecting millions.  It is being succinctly pointed out via the media that suffering is also taking place in many other areas of human life.   However, in some areas of suffering the media will never report the real devastation being created by people who may make the wrong choice in life whilst they are shrouded in false facts, beliefs, and fear.

Good News is rarely reported.  

Therefore, the first March for Life march in London, over the weekend of September 4th, attended by thousands, was again under-reported by the mainstream media.

The pro-life message, usually viewed as some sort of abuse or critique against women who choose abortion, has been seriously disfigured. Contrary to some condemnation by radicals, it is mainly value and support which is extended to women by the pro-life movement, along with the promotion of value and the human rights of the unborn.

Despite recent research that most women are relieved after having an abortion, it is reported that many women suffer deep regret, and post-abortion recovery groups have multiplied in churches nationwide. Parents are being helped by these ministries and the power of forgiveness is being promoted.

Abortion Regret Isn’t a Myth, Despite New Study…… | News & Reporting | Christianity Today

It is also very encouraging that Caroline Farrow, Campaign Director of Citizen Go, reported the following in relation to the march:

“As I walked past the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ climate-change protestors at Trafalgar Square, I noticed that far from being aggressive or abusive, they were interested and engaged by our message. One photographer from the press remarked on the demographics of our march, with plenty of young people and families, and commented on what a ‘wholesome picture’ we made, by comparison with other recent protests.

A handful of pro-abortion protestors–doubtless concerned by the huge crowd (one policeman estimated the numbers as 4,000 people)–attempted to scream offensive and abusive slogans but quickly realised that they were vastly outnumbered and moved on”

It appears to me that people are really waking up to the culture of organized and controlled fear and returning to the spirit of life and ‘wholesomeness’ as indicated in her quote.

I also noticed that the opposition moved away when they realized they were ‘outnumbered.’

Is it possible that more light is coming to the earth to expose the darkness? I think so.

You can watch scenes from the march HERE:

Snakes and Ladders

If you have ever played the game of snakes and ladders you will know that on the throw of dice, you can be moved forward one minute but down the next depending on which square you happen to land on and life can be very much like that. Bad news, divorce, death, and illness can sometimes see you slipping down the slithering snake of despair, depending on your own reaction and attachment to an outcome, and before you know it you are in a cobra crush of crippling confused thoughts, making bad and embarrassing decisions and wondering and doubting what the future will hold. Resentment grows, and the ladder back up can be out of reach and a game of chance.  

However, it doesn’t have to be this way if you view life from a spiritual perspective, have faith in God, and remain calm. Being still inside in the present moment instead of hoping or dreading in some far-off unseen future amidst many battling thoughts appears to be the key to finding the right way through.

If you are currently suffering, besides being aware of your own thoughts, you must also be very objective and careful who you listen to.

In the Bible, Job endured the analysis of well-meaning friends who had no idea about the real plans of God and why Job was suffering. WE are sometimes those friends who can’t resist to think and then articulate the reason why someone is suffering.

Therefore, it is wise to be aware. Stay focused and calm in troubled water.  The best you can do is advise your friends to do the same. Never believe your own thoughts or the thoughts of others. Who is the snake and what is the ladder is not always obvious. Patience and forgiveness appear to be a corrective quality which only God can impart when you go through painful times.

“Counting it a joy” can be difficult. I’m embarrassed to say I have tried and failed miserably at times, irritated by the ‘cheer up it might never happen’ statement, but it should be remembered that God corrects those he loves and even flippant statements can be factored into your well-being if you don’t over-react and just notice your resentment. 

British-born Milo Yiannopoulos–well known for his political views and openly gay statements–has also recently been extolling the virtue of prayer and how God reveals the truth and correction to those he loves. Milo now declares himself as ex-gay, and says he has found his true identity.

His YouTube interview with Life Site News (which is now banned) was so informative and interesting. In the honesty of his revelation on the trauma he had experienced during his youth, it was impossible to judge him or see him as anything but brave. His past did not exist. You can find his interview through the link below:

Ex-gay Milo Yiannopoulos delivers message of hope: ‘Born this way’ is a lie. You can change – LifeSite (

Sam Salter is also one of many who has been interviewed on finding his true identity and giving up the gay lifestyle. It can be no coincidence that his story is very similar to Milo’s and that he has turned to Christianity and prayer. He quotes:

“I’d say, isn’t change in identity a fundamental principle of Christianity? Dying to self, shedding the old to make way for the new, beating the flesh and receiving the spirit, on our journey back home to the father…?

Born gay? Sam Salter: ‘Finding my true identity’ – Christian Concern

The London March for Life for me was indicative of a movement in our world which is exposing darkness with light on many issues and reaching others who are waking up.  We have much to be thankful for. The light of God will also dispel the darkness inside us.

If you’d like to see more photos from the day, they can be found here: 

Keep Calm – Choose Life.

Shirley Edwards was born and lives in Great Britain. She has always worked in administration, but has also studied and taught complimentary health. In administrative roles, she has worked within The Church of England. She also worked for some years as a volunteer within the Hospice movement. Shirley has an interest in all health issues, loves the British countryside, and enjoys writing.  She is thankful for talk radio and loves listening. Shirley has always been concerned about the loss of freedoms in her country, and also the demise of America, a country she loves for the original reasons on which it was founded.     

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2 thoughts on “Keep Calm–Choose LIFE (The UK In 2021)”

  1. So much here to think about.
    “Despite recent research that most women are relieved after having an abortion, it is reported that many women suffer deep regret, and post-abortion recovery groups have multiplied in churches nationwide.” I suspect that for many, busy young lives preclude dwelling on the abortion but as their lives go on they become aware of a nudging within that tries to bring the truth of it to their consciousness and they start becoming aware of the violation they’ve suffered and the lives they’ve taken. We can only go two ways – towards consciousness or away from it. The “road less traveled” towards it leads to heaven. The “busy, distraction filled road” leads to hell.

    1. So true, Nancy: “We can only go two ways–toward consciousness or away from it.” As time goes by, there is more and more opportunity for the truth to break through. I’m really glad you appreciated Shirley Edwards’ thoughtful article. I hope everybody reads it.

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