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Biden and Obama at Table with Taliban

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“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within…”

–Taylor Caldwell, paraphrasing Cicero

Resident Joe & Co. have already just about brought America to its knees with their stupidity / adherence to Evil.

Our border is wide open to secure more Democrat voters, extend COVID, provide a rationale for the experimental “vaccines,” and damage Republican governors.

They’ve intentionally killed our energy independence, and have now had to beg (unsuccessfully) OPEC to boost their oil supply, while keeping a domestic oil ban in place.

Skyrocketing inflation has made any recent pay raises disappear.

They’ve pushed ridiculous mask and insane “vaccine” mandates, and are now telling every American to get a “booster”–another jab.

They’ve gutted our military through pushing critical race theory, and pushing patriotic soldiers out. Now, Biden’s Pentagon has ordered all soldiers to be vaccinated.

The Afghanistan Fiasco

Biden & Co. created all this havoc BEFORE the Afghanistan pullout fiasco, which is becoming the greatest humiliation America has ever endured.

Our two-decade war in Afghanistan has already been a net negative for our country. Attempting to “nation build”–keeping our troops there has killed and maimed our soldiers, drained our economy, and stretched our defenses, yet it kept the military industrial complex humming.

President Trump’s decision to withdraw our troops was a good one, but Joe & Co’s EXECUTION of the withdraw is a slow-motion horror show.

As Trump pointed out in his interview with Sean Hannity, Joe removed the troops FIRST! He left military hardware for the Taliban to use against the Afghan people and possibly Americans.

Meanwhile, our enemies insult us to our face. The Taliban is telling us to get out of Afghanistan by September 11th! Hmmmm…. does that date remind you of anything?

And China slammed our hurried withdrawal. Anybody had enough of China’s lectures? They’ve wasted no time, and dispatched warships, aircraft, and fighter jets off the coast of Taiwan after the fall of Afghanistan.

So what were U.S. priorities at the time of the fall of Afghanistan? The U.S. Embassy in Kabul was celebrating PRIDE month as the Taliban launched its final campaign to retake the country!

Refugees–An “Unintended” Consequence?

One of the worst “unintended” consequences of our Afghanistan debacle could be the flood of Afghan refugees. While we would certainly like to help those who have helped us, it’s not that simple.

White House spokewoman Jen Psaki would not guarantee the evacuation of Americans stranded in Afghanistan after August 31st:

Our focus right now is on doing the work at hand and on the task at hand,” Psaki said Tuesday in response to a question as to whether she could offer any “guarantee” that Americans still stuck in Afghanistan after the administration’s withdrawal deadline would still be evacuated.  “And that is day by day, getting as many American citizens, as many SIV applicants, as many members of vulnerable population who are eligible to be evacuated, to the airport and out on planes.”

As Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show, there is NO PRIORITY TO GET AMERICANS OUT FIRST! Tucker noted that Psaki lumped American citizens in with SIV applicants (Special Immigration Visas for Afghans) and “vulnerable” populations, whatever that means.

Tucker interviewed Virginia Senate candidate and former infantry platoon leader in Afghanistan Sean Parnell, who told the story of how he worked with an Afghan interpreter for more than a year before the interpreter helped terrorists plant an I.E.D. explosive that killed a member of Parnell’s platoon, and seriously injured four others. Go to 3:25 of the above video link to see the exchange with Tucker.

But Joe & Co., along with some weak Republican Senators, salivate at bringing Afghan refugees to America. I’m sure there will be some who love freedom, who were quite helpful to our cause, and who would likely make fine Americans.

If an Afghani truly helped America, we should give them special attention in considering immigration, no question. But we must be extremely careful, as even someone in this category could have questionable loyalty, like the interpreter Sean Parnell mentioned.

And you know the reality is that we WON’T be all that careful. So prepare your area for a new wave of refugees! A Pentagon spokesman admitted that of the cargo plane seen leaving the Kabul airport with 640 passengers jammed together, only 150 of those were Americans!

In fact, the Biden administration has already announced plans to “immediately house 30,000 or more Afghans at military bases in the U.S., and authorized $500 million to “relocate refugees.”

We CANNOT Survive Another 3+ Years of This!

Biden & Co. are a blight on this country. It does not matter the reason for the hell they’ve brought us, though to me and millions of other Americans, it’s obvious that the destruction of our country is BY DESIGN. Nobody could be this stupid! We know that Biden is not calling the shots anyway, so it isn’t him.

Obama did the same thing to America–though in a much slower fashion. And Obama is no idiot. Evil to the core, sure, but not an idiot. By the way, remember the $5 Billion and the “Taliban Five” that Obama traded for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl? Well, it turns out that this same “Taliban Five” were instrumental in the overthrow of Afghanistan.

Today, Biden put the icing on the cake, causing an uproar by promoting COVID vaccine “booster” shots and masks for schoolchildren while Afghanistan is in chaos, and after his speech, walking away, taking no questions!

It looks like GOD has already weighed in on this mess–a bolt of lightening hit the Washington Monument!

So when are the American People going to weigh in?

Joe & Co. need to go!

But Impeachment is not a viable option at this point. First of all, Republicans don’t have the votes. But even if they achieved a majority next November, Impeaching Joe would just leave Kamala, and after her, Pelosi.

Every elected official who did NOTHING to challenge the election results, resulting in Joe the fraud getting into power–is to blame for this abomination. And the People’s response to the election integrity audits is too weak to light a fire under our elected officials. So yes–WE are to blame too.

I get complaints from some “conservatives” who don’t like me blaming them–us– for what is happening in our country. What would they like me to do–congratulate them?

These election audits must conclude, with no more resistance from the RINOS. And action must be taken once we see the results. I cannot stand hearing that people are doing this hard work just to “make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

When in the history of our judicial system is a criminal not punished for his crimes? And we just make sure he doesn’t commit the crime again?!

This is madness.

 If audits find enough fraud to overturn state’s elections, then overturn them! Otherwise we have sanctioned a fraud!

And if the evidence dictates that enough states need to overturn their elections to change the 2020 election outcome, then re-install Trump as President of the United States!

I know this is very unlikely, since there are almost no guts left in the United States, but what is the alternative?

Just wait Joe & Co. out and let our Republic die???

Time to Get Busy!

People all over the world are protesting their country’s overreach. But where are Americans?

This government has lost all moral authority to lead.

Nobody is going to stop this madness except for the American People. It’s game time!

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