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It’s UP: “HOW to PRAY to GOD with Martin Francis, Fabian Asensio, and Paul, Part II”

Hello Everybody!

Last night’s LIVE stream “HOW to PRAY to GOD (Part II) with MARTIN FRANCIS (“Bible Go-To Guy”), FABIAN ASENSIO, and PAUL”(my son), is now up. ENJOY!

HERE IS THE LINK to last night’s stream

LINK to Part I

I’d appreciate any feedback you may have.

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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2 thoughts on “It’s UP: “HOW to PRAY to GOD with Martin Francis, Fabian Asensio, and Paul, Part II””

  1. I enjoyed the video chat/podcast/whatever you call it. The silent prayer (as Martin said, ‘Stepping back from your eyes’) topic is timely and much needed. I appreciate the different perspectives and banter. My only suggestion to improve the effort is to pre-run the connections/audio, etc before the start so when you go live there will be less down time. That is unless you have to go live first. I look forward to more content. Thanks guys,

    1. Thanks, Brian, for that feedback. Regarding the technical problems at the start, that’s my fault, and I should have apologized in this post to those who watched live. We were using a new system, and though we did have the guests check in pre-show, I should have had them check in a bit earlier. Martin ran into an odd issue, and we were fortunate he made it on air at all.i have since gone and edited out the messed up part near the beginning g (this morning) for those who are now watching it.

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