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I just DISCOVERED THIS about a special kind of prayer/meditation (Last night’s LIVE stream)

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Yesterday afternoon was quiet, as I like it to be on my day off.

The last two Sundays, I’d hosted special LIVE streams with my friends Martin Francis, Fabian Asensio, and my son Paul, for the purpose of explaining “How to Pray to God.”

I know this sound presumptuous, but we believe that some ways of getting in touch with the Holy Spirit are more effective than others–at least for some people.

So we did two “shows,” and people seemed to like them, and get benefit.

“HOW to PRAY to GOD Part I”

“HOW to PRAY to GOD Part II”

I’d thought we’d covered the subject pretty good, and didn’t want to get into any heavy work on my day off (my Sabbath day–please–don’t hammer me about which day of the week I take off! 🙂 )

There’s hosting the discussion, keeping up with the comments, and of course setting up the stream, as well as some social media, etc. promotion. It many not seem like a lot, but It kind of adds up on you on your day off.

So here I was yesterday afternoon, relaxing, and going into prayer in the afternoon. It was then I discovered–or re-discovered–something I have found a number of times…

Every time I get away from the “Be Still and Know” meditation/prayer, as taught by the late Roy Masters–negative ideas and emotions can lodge in and be seemingly immune from being dislodged by the simpler version of the meditation I gravitate towards.

As much as I prefer the simpler version, and as much as I’d like to promote that version–knowing it would be more palatable to the average viewer/reader–I have found time and time again that the meditation, as instructed, has a certain tangible power that I can’t deny.

So I found myself in prayer yesterday afternoon, having powerful realizations, and wanting to share those observations right away.

I called Martin and told him I wanted to do a LIVE stream on very short notice. Problem was, he was going into a movie and wouldn’t be available for several hours. I considered calling Fabian, and possibly getting my son on, but he wanted to enjoy his rest day.

I realized that since I wanted to talk about what I’d discovered, that I needed to do this LIVE stream myself–I was using the others for a crutch.

The next thing I knew, I found myself setting up a LIVE stream, and going on the air less than twenty minutes later!

No frills, no notes, nothing but my realization in mind (it’s more fun that way!).

Anyway, here’s the result of all that–last night’s LIVE stream.

Please let me know if you found value in this, or if I explained myself well enough.

And let me know if you would like to see more content about this subject, which I think is HUGELY important.

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom!


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