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Have You Ever Considered Investing in the Future of Your Health? (The Greek Yoga for Beginners Video is Here!)

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My name is Patrick Rooney. I’ve spent years fine-tuning an amazing workout I call Greek Yoga™.

It’s really much more than a workout.

It’s a sound investment in the future of your health.

According to the available literature, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. The heart is a muscle, and cardio training strengthens it.

The number three cause of death are accidents. Some accidents can be prevented by building strength and balance in the body.

And the number five cause of death is stroke. Again—a strong, healthy body helps ward off the incidence of stroke.

And the incidence of many of the other top causes of death can be lowered through the use of intelligent exercise.

But what if you’re not old—you could be weak! Maybe you’re having trouble carrying out the necessary tasks of life with gusto. Nobody wants to be weak, and you don’t have to be. Just take the simple steps to get strong!

Greek Yoga™ builds a well-rounded, athletic, sturdy body that fights the ravages of aging, and the indignity and burden of weakness. And it’s fun to master.

Greek Yoga™ is a complete, full-body workout that is joint friendly, can be done virtually every day if you desire, takes 30 minutes or less (potentially MUCH less), works multiple attributes such as strength, power, endurance, balance, and cardio, and can be done anywhere in the world with no equipment!

Consider the importance of the above attributes, particularly as you age.

Here’s what people are saying about Greek Yoga™.

And now, the latest chapter in the Greek Yoga™ saga is here—I’ve just finished a new video that shows anyone—no matter what your experience level—how to perform Greek Yoga™  like a pro! It’s called Greek Yoga™ for Beginners.

If you wanted to try Greek Yoga™ but weren’t sure if you could learn it, it’s time to put those fears to rest. This video explains and demonstrates everything you need to know.

And there’s something unique built into this video: It’s designed to show you the principles you need to perform the workout. Once you learn the principles,  you can create your own “freestyle” workout and you will no longer need to follow along with the video. Far too often, we’re at the mercy of a complicated workout routine that requires following it to the letter. Well, Greek Yoga™ is not complicated, and following along forever is too confining!

Watch the Greek Yoga™ for Beginners Video Trailer / Purchase Video

So what are you waiting for? I’ve taken out the risk too—if for some reason the workout doesn’t work for you (although I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t provide you with many times the value than you invested), just send me a note letting me know that, within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll give you a full refund. I do recommend that you actually use the video, and don’t just watch it—there’s a night and day difference!

I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find another workout this simple, this complete, this time efficient, and most important—this effective at combating the ravages of age or weakness.

Try Greek Yoga™ today. The risk of NOT trying it is far greater than the risk of trying it. Think about it.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. It’s just 1 single payment of $25. That’s it! No other expense! Consider the return of investment on that in comparison to just one major health risk you could be avoiding!

I can’t wait to hear your success story!

Watch the Greek Yoga™ for Beginners Video Trailer / Purchase Video

To Your Health & Fitness!


Patrick Rooney is the Founder of, a website that believes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Its focus is Health, Success, and Freedom—yeah, in that order. Patrick is the author of GREEK PHYSIQUE: The Simple, Satisfying Way to Sculpt Your Body—Even if You’re Old, Weak, or Broken Down; and is also the creator of Greek Yoga™ and the Greek Yoga for Beginners video. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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