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DOUBT–A Cautionary Tale

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I want to address a problem that has caused me great pain, and I know has caused others much the same–doubt.

Since I have been on this particular journey, along with amazing support from those who understand why I am acting as I am, I have also drawn plenty of attack from “all” sides (i.e.: you’re doing too much, you’re doing too little, your motivations are bad, you’re a liar, etc.).

Along the way, I have seen myself fall into doubt at times. It is a bad place to be.

I have asked God to help me with this doubt, and He has answered.

What I have discovered, is that sometimes when talking with others or reading critical comments, I have taken on THEIR doubt!

Growing up a “middle” child, I suppose I got used to seeing how others see things.

And it is good that we can understand where others are coming from. We can understand their anger, fears, and point of view. But understanding them does not necessarily mean that we SHARE their point of view!

Because I sometimes lose objectivity, THEIR fears and inaccuracies drip into me, and now I am doubting and feeling pain.

God is teaching me to stay with what I see–UNTIL I SEE OTHERWISE, if that is to be.

Therefore, I am staying within myself; yet, that does not mean I am not open to hearing truths from others. It’s just the more grounded I become, the less I am subject to the external opinions/pressures of others.

I have a glimpse of this now, and it’s a beautiful thing. It is so key to living a happy life, and I am grateful for this lesson.

I hope this helps you. Let me know if it does.

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18 thoughts on “DOUBT–A Cautionary Tale”

  1. There is no doubt you have done the right thing and performed a real public service by exposing what needed to be exposed. It took courage.

    1. It is helping many to awaken, and some not so, outright refusing to consider they have been duped. Their choice. God is awesome and life often is stranger than fiction!

  2. Patrick, I don’t know what other things you have doubts about but what you did with the so called minister really took courage and Im personally thankful to you for that. I hope that you never look back to it with a doubt. We have a perverted 70 year old man that is hiding under the disguise of being noble man and preaches about things that contradicts his lifestyle. You came out and tarnished that false image of his by putting your reputation on the line. I could never told you as your younger brother that your sexual act was wrong because it wasn’t something that you got caught doing but you made the confession on your own because you wanted the deceived to learn the truth about his leader. Wether you know it or not, you have redeemed yourself of wrongfully participating in the act. It is sad to learn that instead of thanking you for your confession, a lot of people have found reasons to condemn you for it, and this is only because it tarnished the false image this minister had maintained for so long. Those that find your confession to be improper, prefer to preserve the false noble image of JLP over the truth about him. These are the same people that make me realize that the general population is easy to manipulate because they chose the false that suits them over the truth that may disappoint them.

    1. Yes Arman because it means they must be humble and see that it was not intuitive or right to deny and push aside the wrong spirit and wrong things Jesse says and has said over the years. It means people need to be honest with their own gullibility and lack of connection to their intuition. The signs were there long ago not of the sexual so much, but the lying about being free of anger and sin. Then seeing that one would realize he could lie about anything at all.

    2. Thank you, Arman, I understand your points. Sometimes the truth can be a hard thing to accept. Regarding my “doubts,” no, I certainly have no doubt about what happened. The only doubts I had were when I unconsciously took on the doubts of others regarding whether I should have exposed what I have. As I said in the post, I have come to realize that those are THEIR doubts.

  3. To me, it’s become apparent the real objective in life is to be un-influenced by all thoughts, with emphasis on the word “all”. (I know, I sound like your “old friend”, but I’m careful here not to throw the baby out with the bathwater).
    As you touched on, I try to live only from what I’m shown, taking no instruction from my own thoughts.
    It’s humbling to admit we’re not in charge, that’s a good thing.
    Not to say we may have beliefs that are wrong and should be doubted.
    However, if we’re lost in your thoughts, we’ve lost awareness of the present (and His presence) .
    God is in the moment, and I’ve found it’s only “in the moment” I can actually see what is true and what should be doubted.
    I think it’s called “living by faith”.
    Needless to say, I’m a work in progress.

  4. When you committed those homosexual acts it was clear that you were not of God, same with Jesse.

    You still seem to talk about God the same way you did when you were committing those acts, back then you talked about Him like you knew him, even though you did not.

    However, has anything changed since then, for example has a born again experience taken place? Or are you the same person doing the same mediation(which didn’t help in terms of you committing sin), now thinking you are holy since you brought the truth to the light.

    This isn’t meant to he offensive, I’m just genuinely curious.

    1. Thanks. Spencer. Knowing God? That’s a big one. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt like I “know” God–perhaps just a little. But I know He knows me. “Born Again” sounds like another big concept. I do feel like my innocence is slowly returning, so in a sense, yes, I do feel like I’m being reborn. I’m sorry I’ve acted in a way to cause you and others to doubt what I’m saying now. But I do understand why.

    2. I don’t agree that Patrick is writing and or speaking the same way as when he was in mortal sin. I believe we can all see a deep change and depth/ humility that was not there before, as we all should be attaining.
      There are many conservatives that focus on the left and there is an entire talk radio industry and TV built on that, but not so many truly spiritual conservatives, as we read here, which is really what we need. This worldwide ccp/medical mafia poison shots takeover mass murder is all attained from the people’s lack of that spirituality, and sadly most all the churches have failed us.

        1. Clearly there is more than ‘SOMETHING THERE’ Patrick! I see humility in you! And that is a gift from spirit for sure! I see it in very few people but usually in those who have had a harder path than others. Proving that suffering is a gift from God to awaken those he loves. No one has the right to judge you but admire your courage? YES!

    3. Spencer, have you thanked Patrick for his confession yet? I have. I am glad to be awaken to the reality about the man I followed. Are you glad to learn the truth about the Saint Predator too, or do you prefer to stay deceived and preserve the fake noble image he has maintained for so long?

  5. Yes very true. I see that only what we see without words in our head is really to be followed, from our Holy spirit, or others sharing insights. The tempter comes quickly as “our” intellect to immediately often convert those insights into words in our minds, even sometimes we will go along with them in our head as though we are speaking them to ourselves or someone else who is not even present. Or rehash some beautiful truths that came out of our mouths in the moment. So I just watch this in my mind and let it pass, over and over again so now it losses it ability to use my mind effectively, and I become more and more 100% convicted and unshakable in what I see. Thank God.

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