Do YOU See the Value?

Dear Friend of Old School™,

I want to tell you exactly what I’m working on right now, why I’m so excited about it, and if it is something that YOU see value in, I’d like you to support it. Fair enough?

My background and interests are a bit varied: I’ve always participated in sports and physical culture. I’ve worked as a personal trainer and ran a business helping men and women get healthy and fit. I’ve created valuable natural fitness products.

In addition, I’ve always been drawn to communications. Many years ago, I studied journalism and radio / television / film in college. Since then I’ve been an editor, writer, TV and radio producer, manager and a fundraiser too, working in both for-profit and nonprofit capacities.

I’ve also long had an interest in enterpreneurism and investing.

Now I’m using all my talents and skills to promote natural health, success, and freedom! Why? Because I love doing this. And because all three are under attack as never before in America and worldwide. Especially now, that COVID-19 has threatened our health, our ability to provide for ourselves and our families, and our long-cherished freedoms.

The Goal

My goal is to do this full time. To be able to concentrate on it one hundred percent, without having to split my time selling other services or products. This is what I’m passionate about, and this is where I feel I can do the most good.

That means interviewing interesting and enlightening guests, making useful videos (investigative and instructional), and creating thought-provoking blog posts. You may be familiar with much of my content. If not, go to to get an idea of what I’m doing.

I’m planning to boost the amount of time and energy I’m putting into my work helping you improve your immunity to diseases: with more interviews, videos, and posts dedicated to natural health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle practices.

Focus During COVID

During the COVID-19 crisis, one of the key areas I’ve been focussing on is exposing the concerted war against the powerful and highly effective “Zelenko Cocktail”—hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc sulfate.

President Trump has revealed he is taking hydroxychloroquine, along with zinc sulfate as a precaution, as he has been potentially exposed to COVID in recent days. Those of us who have been heralding the amazing potential of this protocol have faced a flood of propaganda from the “mainstream media.” The president is facing this same flood after his announcement.

History will prove those of us who’ve supported this life-giving treatment were correct, and that those who’ve labored to discredit it were not just wrong, but responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.

But no treatment actually “cures” a person. All it can do is help the body’s immune system function better. IT provides the cure.

Building YOUR Immune System

So this is where I am increasingly placing my emphasis—on helping YOU build a stronger immune system!

This means guidance in my wheelhouse—natural health, fitness, and nutrition—while also continuing to create content that helps you reach higher levels of success; while exposing the encroachments on your freedom that have reached alarming levels during the COVID-19 crisis.

Am I a tireless promoter of natural health, success, and freedom? Yes. It’s in my blood.

Am I an investigative journalist and commentator, who strives to make to the complex easy to understand? Yes.

I am all these things. Something of a rarity, I’d say.

A “Hired Gun”

In practical terms, I’m what you might call a “hired gun”—somebody who is working ON YOUR BEHALF to boost your health, success, and freedom while you tend to your job, business, or family.

There are few doing this work on our “side.” And so many working against us!

So I’m asking you to ask yourself the question, do YOU see the value in what I’m providing? If you don’t, or believe that we should listen to the “experts” about health, success, and freedom, then fair enough. But let me ask you… do you really think they’ve done a great job so far in safeguarding these precious things?

How to Support My Work

You likely know by now that I have started a page on SubscribeStar. It allows you to support my work with a monthly gift on one of three tiers of your choice (“Helper: $5”, “Supporter: $10”, and “Sustainer: $25”). My goal is, as I say, to receive enough monthly support to be able to focus all my professional attention on improving YOUR health, success, and freedom.

That is the value YOU get out of this.

I have started to create some exclusive content for Members, and that will increase. And I may create an additional perk or two for those who choose the higher tier. I’m open to suggestions, such as possibly adding an additional regular communication feature. I’m happy to do that, but to be completely honest, the main value in supporting my work is that it allows me to continue doing my work!

That said, I’d like nothing better than to explore ways to provide more value, and additional access. Let’s talk…

Thank you, Brian!!!

I do want to say a big “thank you” to Brian for supporting my work at the “Sustainer” level ($25 per month). You have made clear to me that you have “seen the value,” and I simply cannot succeed without people like you, Brian. You da man!

YOU and YOUR Future

So if YOU’RE the kind of person who sees the value in the work I’m doing, knows the gravity of the time we are living in, and wants someone working FOR YOU AND YOUR FUTURE while you’re involved with you and your family’s responsibilities, then would you look at my SubscribeStar page and consider becoming a Member?

Just press the button of the Subscription tier of your choosing on the right side of the page.

Thank you for your consideration. And if you believe the powers that be have your back, then that’s fine too. You can continue viewing my work for entertainment if you wish. Perhaps at some point you may see what I’m saying. I hope, for your sake, that it will not be too late for you and yours.

Meanwhile, for me, it’s back to work!

To Your health, success, and freedom,



Patrick Rooney is the Founder of Its focus is natural health, success, and freedom. Patrick is the author of GREEK PHYSIQUE: The Simple, Satisfying Way to Sculpt Your Body—Even if You’re Old, Weak, or Broken Down; and is also the creator of Greek Yoga™ and the Greek Yoga for Beginners video. He offers health and fitness consulting worldwide via phone and web conference. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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