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A Dog Will Stop Barking For a Treat

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This morning I saw a dog in my neighborhood barking. The trash truck had pulled up. A young worker stepped down from the truck with several dog treats in his hand. He tossed the treats onto the pavement inside the nearby yard, and the dog immediately stopped barking and started gobbling up the treats.

By the time the dog finished snacking, the guy and the trash truck were gone. They have this thing down to a science!

The incident brought to mind a sadly, near-universal truth–a “dog” will stop barking for a treat.”

This simple principle explains how we’ve ended up in the mess we’re in.

For instance, the vast majority of doctors have clearly sold out to the financial incentives and dis-incentives relative to COVID. It seems that nurses have been much more willing than doctors to tell the truth about COVID and the experimental, dangerous vaccines, and I suspect it’s due to doctors being paid more than nurses, and needing more schooling. They simply have more invested, and more to lose.

There are now over 15,000 DEATHS associated with COVID vaccines, and informed people realize that this number (documented in the VAERS system) is likely grossly underreported. But the Hippocratic Oath to first “Do no harm” has become antiquated in this “enlightened” time.

But it’s not just the doctors.

Americans in general have become addicted to their “treats.” These treats are sometimes edible. The sugar epidemic in this country, for instance, is so out of control and has been going on so long, that it seems to have become a permanent fixture.

Diabetes cases are exploding among young people (I wonder why 🙂 )

Sugar and the immune system

You’d think that Joe and the other government / media medical “experts” would be warning us more about the health dangers of excess sugar consumption in the age of COVID. But no, they’d much rather see a nation of grossly overweight and unhealthy people be sure to get that jab, and all the boosters to follow.

It’s criminal what these “experts” say and do to coerce us to do in the name of “health,” and in some ways it’s worse what they DON’T say that could save so many lives.

They don’t want us to be healthy, pure and simple. If they did, they’d talk and act differently. What incentive do they have to want a healthy population? Healthy populations don’t want or need to inject foreign matter into their bodies, do they?

Other “treats”

Americans have become fat, sluggish, and satisfied from the onslaught of sugar, manipulated fats, and other excesses. But there are other “treats” that have blunted our collective will to stand up for freedom. One is the debt. This article says that 42% of Americans have racked up more credit card debt since COVID-19 began.

Think of all the treats Americans have treated themselves to. And think about the financial pressure they’re now under, at a time when we are being threatened with the loss of a job if we don’t take their jab. The pressure is much greater for someone in debt vs. someone who has no debt or better still, has no debt plus sound investments.

Prestige is a treat too. Certainly the professional class is well aware of this. Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals enjoy their social status, and the thought of losing it would be quite a blow.

“I have food to eat that you know nothing about”

The decline of Christianity in America is connected to this addiction to treats. The reason is simple: True religion “fills us up on the inside.” In John 4:32 Jesus says, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.”

The person with spiritual conflict often eats in an attempt to fill the void inside. Trust me, I’ve been one of them. In today’s world, as the knowledge of true religion wanes, that void is growing larger and larger.

So in rejecting God, we still need something to fill us up, and hence the need of treats.

In our generally unrepentant state, we are slaves of treats, and nothing will prevent that state, short of a return to our Father.

Like the dog, we can attend to the task at hand (keeping the “salt” in our earth–maintaining the good that is in our nation–until the treat is offered. Then–with no power inside us to stop our fall–we will succumb to the treat.

Without God we are essentially animals–much worse, actually. Therefore, we are obliged to fall to our treats, until enough pain causes us to seek relief and transcendence. I hope that day comes to us Americans, and to others worldwide who seek a better life.

The ball is on our court, or perhaps I should say, the treat is on the ground while our duty lies in front of us. Which way will we look?

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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4 thoughts on “A Dog Will Stop Barking For a Treat”

  1. Very well said, Patrick. We’ve allowed religion to be sidelined in every aspect of our lives and doctors no longer have those frank discussions with patients about diet and exercise because it’s offensive. So, we’ve now become a society conditioned to just “take a pill”.

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