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9 Questions for “Dr. X” (VIDEO)

Dr. X with Trump

In MY LATEST VIDEO, I ask the most pressing questions about a man at the center of our pandemic response. Questions the media refuse to ask, and the social media giants attempt to stop us from asking.

The man “whose name shall not be mentioned,” has a lot of questions to answer, starting with these: 

#1: How did Dr. X know this President would have to deal with a major pandemic BEFORE it happened?

#2: Why did the government agency he heads give $3.7 M to the Wuhan lab to study bat virus?

#3: The President said this funding is being investigated. Where are we with the investigation, and when will it be completed?

#4: Since Dr. X’s government AGENCY DID give the $3.7 Million to the Wuhan lab, should this investigation not be completed ASAP? And why is Dr. X not being questioned by the media regarding his agency’s grant?

#5: Since Dr. X is involved in a vaccine study, and is also a board member of a foundation run by a rich man who wants to require the world to be vaccinated, doesn’t his position on inexpensive, effective “game-changing” treatments represent an obvious conflict of interest?

#6: And knowing his conflict of interest, why did Dr. X’s government agency fund a poorly run “study” (perhaps purposely poorly run?) testing the life-saving value of the current highest-rated coronavirus treatment available?

#7: And what is Dr. X’s financial relationship with the rich man who wants to require the world to be vaccinated?

#8: And as a longtime government employee (paid by the U.S. taxpayer and working on THEIR behalf), what is Dr. X’s annual salary, and how much money has he personally made from his patents or other interests?

#9: Bottom line: Why is the man whose government agency he heads is under investigation for funding bat research in the lab accused of STARTING THE CURRENT PANDEMIC… A man personally profiting off of his taxpayer-funded job… And his relationship to the rich man intending to mandate that the world be vaccinatedWhy does this man—Dr. X—have so much power over the lives and economic survivability of the American People?

We need answers–NOW!

To your health and fitness…


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