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Media won't admit white boy's killer is black

MEDIA Headlines Won’t Say White Boy’s KILLER is BLACK (VIDEO)

In MY LATEST VIDEO, I show that media headlines refuse to print that the alleged killer of white 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, 25-year-old Darius Sessoms, is black. Just imagine if the roles were reversed? In fact, we don’t have to imagine at all—we all saw how the media pointed out at every opportunity that George Floyd died at the hands of… Read the rest
Press Comes Out Against Sunlight

The Press Comes Out Against SUNLIGHT! (MUST-SEE VIDEOS)

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Could the Press really be against the healing effects of sunlight (ultraviolet rays) in degrading coronavirus (COVID-19)? Oh yes, and in fact they are—at least most of the media I read and see is… …the key is that anything that could help President Trump get re-elected—particularly if it saves lives and helps our economy rebuild—is a bad thing indeed, for… Read the rest