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Every ONE of these TRUMP Moves is HUGE!

Every ONE of these TRUMP Moves is HUGE! (VIDEO)

In MY LATEST VIDEO, I discuss a number of giant moves by President Trump that have shaken our world, and yet are consistently and purposely underplayed, ignored, or attacked by the “mainstream” media. Trump’s Presidency is truly historic! I forgot to mention North Korea: Prior to Trump, it appeared we were headed for a potential NUCLEAR confrontation with them that… Read the rest
Press Comes Out Against Sunlight

The Press Comes Out Against SUNLIGHT! (MUST-SEE VIDEOS)

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Could the Press really be against the healing effects of sunlight (ultraviolet rays) in degrading coronavirus (COVID-19)? Oh yes, and in fact they are—at least most of the media I read and see is… …the key is that anything that could help President Trump get re-elected—particularly if it saves lives and helps our economy rebuild—is a bad thing indeed, for… Read the rest