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Nasty Kamala

Do You Really Want This NASTY Woman As President? (VIDEO)

In My Latest Video, I discus last night’s Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. The question is, would you really want to see this nasty woman as President? If many Americans would, then God help us–we won’t last much longer as a nation. Hannity: Kamala Harris’ Cringeworthy Debate Was Packed with Lies Please support… Read the rest
Obama Exposes Himself Trying to Destroy Trump

Obama EXPOSES HIMSELF Trying to Destroy Trump! (VIDEO)

In MY LATEST VIDEO, Barack Obama launched a pointed attack against President Trump during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately for him, his combative words exposed himself more than the President! ***Please support my work with a 1X or Monthly Donation HERE or… …on My SubscribeStar page *** To your health, success, and freedom! Patrick Patrick Rooney is… Read the rest
Stop borrowing confidence!

Stop BORROWING Confidence!

In the past, confidence was not my strong suit. Somewhere along the line I lost my mojo. But everyone wants their mojo, so we look for ways to at least feel that we’ve retrieved it. That’s what I did. In my late twenties I read a book you may have heard of called The Art of the Deal, written by… Read the rest