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We’ve UPDATED Our Resource Links!

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Hello All!

I’ve recently undergone a kind of epiphany–once I lost the full power of my voice and had to stop hosting my LIVE streams--I began to more fully come to the realization that “no man is an island,” and that I needed to facilitate a stronger bridge to OTHER, more informed sources of key, current information in the world of Natural Health, Success, and Freedom.

The power of a strong TEAM always exceeds that of one individual.

That led me to consider expanding the use of Contributors (writers and video makers) on this site. If you resonate with the purpose of Old School (you don’t have to agree with me about EVERYTHING!), have written or video content you would like to submit, or have already posted on another site but feel this audience should see that content too, then get in touch with me, and if there is a good fit, and I believe I’m compatible with you and the work, I’ll consider posting it here.

I will also be posting content from established, popular content makers… some of whom I’ve included in our “resource links” on the Old School home page. These links represent a bridge for you to access individuals and organizations that have a passion for their work, and often expertise within their field. Obviously, I cannot vouch for everything that is on their websites. No site can do that. You will have to use your own discretion about what you believe, decide to take action on, etc. Which brings me to my next point…

I’ve just finished going through these resource links–I’ve let some go that I felt were no longer so relevant, updated/fixed links for some, and added new ones. Within Old School’s core categories of Natural Health, Success, and Freedom lie these sub-categories:





Health (COVID)






Self-Reliant Living

Social Media

Spiritual Health

I encourage you to check out any links that interest you on our home page. If there are other links that you believe would be a great fit for the Old School site, then feel free to let me know about them.

I hope that these resources are a benefit to you, and help you and yours to live a more informed, fulfilling life.

To Your Health, Success, and Freedom!


Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly during challenging times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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2 thoughts on “We’ve UPDATED Our Resource Links!”

  1. I am sorry you are having issues with your voice but I feel God is directing you to further you outreach and allowing you to impact others as well. So glad to have found your podcasts. I have learned much and enjoyed them as well.

    1. Thank you, Sharon, I really appreciate that, and I agree with you regarding God’s direction. “When one door closes (at least temporarily), another one opens.” Podcasts are great for exposing my audience to people who have knowledge in key areas. I had wanted to do more such interviews. But through the website, using resource links and content contributors, I can accomplish the same basic goal in another way.

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