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I had been thinking about asking Patrick to help me lose weight for quite some time. For several years, I wanted to lose 10 to 15 pounds. It was the usual slow weight gain over the years even though I exercised. The one element missing was my diet. I thought by exercising that I didn’t have to think about diet but through the years, diet caught up with me. As Patrick says, “You can’t outwork your diet!” I hired Patrick and within 3 months, I lost 20 pounds! He’s methodical, thoughtful and knowledgeable about fitness. He has my total respect and I highly recommend his service. I needed accountability, encouragement and information and he provided all three. Thank you so much, Patrick!


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My name is Brian. I am a 60 year old husband, a father of three children, and have a very busy daily schedule. However, thanks to Patrick Rooney, I can honestly say I’m now in the best shape of my entire life. With the guidance of my personal trainer, in just 12 short weeks I was able to lose 20 pounds, go from about 18% body fat to about 10%, reduce my waist from 37″ to 30″, gain measurable strength, and significantly increase my endurance. I would recommend Patrick to anyone interested who’s interested in getting fit. If I could do it at 60, then anyone can!


Patrick Rooney is extremely knowledgeable in the field of personal training. He does a thorough assessment to identify key improvement opportunities and then tailors each workout to address those areas. Periodically he checks key measurements to gauge individual progress towards goals. Patrick is very personable. If needed, I would jump at the chance to work with him again.


Patrick was very professional. He designed a workout program that benefited my needs. I would recommend him to anybody that is in need of a personal fitness trainer.


Patrick met me where I was in my fitness journey (not started), and got me to a place where I wanted to live an all around healthy lifestyle. Here are some highlights: 1. Took my craving for sugar and squashed it! 2. Taught me how to only eat when hungry (not out of boredom) 3. Showed me systems and processes for workouts that I can use for the rest of my life 4. Measured my progress so that I could see actual results, even when they were hard to notice 5. Moved at my speed, while not allowing me to settle Patrick does a great job, and if you are considering starting a personal training regimen, I don’t think there’s a better one than what he has developed.


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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I went to Nashville, Tennessee to visit with Patrick and his family. And I have to tell you, on the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best—10. Patrick started his own business and he is a personal trainer. He teaches you how to exercise, the kind of food to eat. I have to tell you, when I saw Patrick, it was shocking, because he is so fit. He lost weight. He got rid of that belly! On Friday he took me and gave me a workout, and I surrendered, meaning that I just let him train me, right? And I didn’t know what to expect. And we worked out—he worked me out—he worked out, too, along with me. And he gave me an excellent workout. I was so worn down and tired, I said, “Look, I gotta go. I gotta shower and take a nap. And he had some more clients he had to go train, so I went and showered and took a nap [laughs]. It was an excellent workout. It’s just so nice to see that in life, if you put the energy and time into something, you can literally do it. And it’s something that Patrick has wanted to do ever since I’ve known him, and I think he’s into exercising and eating right all his life. And to see him doing it, is amazing. And he’s good. Really good at it. When I saw him he had lost so much weight I was shocked. Because you know how when you lose weight you don’t look like the fat person. Wow—he really improved. He really looked good. And his wife looks good. He’s been working out his wife and kid. And they’re all fit and looking well. His wife looks totally different. She’s fit, she looks rested, she really looks good, and so does his son. You can check out Patrick’s website by going to and check out what he’s doing, and no matter where you are in the world, he can help you. He can create a program for you, and really help you lose weight, eat properly, and look good and feel good about yourself. Isn’t that amazing? I am confident now that you can get a fat belly completely off. Because I wasn’t for sure—you know how men have pot bellies. I wasn’t for sure if you could totally get rid of it. Especially after a certain age. You can!


I just completed a 12 week program with Patrick and it exceeded my expectations!! My goals were to increase upper body strength, decrease body fat, and build better nutrition. In the past I had started programs to build strength but had become injured in the process, and then abandoned them. Patrick had a different approach and built a program of progressive exercises so that I avoided injury along the way. He always knew what the right “next step” that would challenge me and help me reach my goals. When I started the program I could not even do one push up. Now I can do about 25+ in a minute! He was the perfect guide through this process. I was surprised to also discover how well this program worked online, rather than in person… it was really effective and I always felt that we were in the same room! Patrick is a terrific coach who is encouraging, but holds you accountable. I also learned so much about nutrition from him. He is super knowledgeable about wellness and fitness, and has many resources he shares. I now feel like I can continue on this path with the tools Patrick has given me. I truly believe that this was the best investment of time and money I have made in a long time!!!


The overall professionalism is unsurpassed. I love the fact that they are able to do my training over Skype so that I can stay in the comfort of my home. In my first 12 week series, I met all my goals. Friends and family have noticed my stronger physique. I now realize that even at 56 years old I can be in the best shape of my life. I just signed up for my next 12 week series and I’m really looking forward to it.


During my training sessions with Patrick, I have built the confidence and desire to move forward. Currently, I have made significant gains in preparation for my Army fitness test next month. The discussions on diet of removing questionable foot items, posture, flexibility and training regiments were well taken and by making a few changes, I noticed a few things: My flexibility, posture, endurance, strength and even my weight had improved. Patrick has continually kept my accountable in aiding me to mentally plan out my regiment and project the on-going result, which is to take care of my health. His philosophy is spot on, excellent, down to earth and makes sense. I thank God for the opportunity to train with him because I now have added skill sets to progress and meet my goals. I am better today.


Patrick is knowledgeable. He is caring. He is punctual. He does follow up. He actually does what he says. He has an amazing gentle way of nudging you to be better in many areas of your life.