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Media won't admit white boy's killer is black

MEDIA Headlines Won’t Say White Boy’s KILLER is BLACK (VIDEO)

In MY LATEST VIDEO, I show that media headlines refuse to print that the alleged killer of white 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, 25-year-old Darius Sessoms, is black. Just imagine if the roles were reversed? In fact, we don’t have to imagine at all—we all saw how the media pointed out at every opportunity that George Floyd died at the hands of… Read the rest
Dr. Zelenkos Explosive New Interview

8 HIGHLIGHTS From Dr. Zelenko’s EXPLOSIVE New Interview (VIDEOS)

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MY LATEST VIDEO pulls eight key highlights from the creator of the “COVID Cocktail,” Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko’s new interview with Rabbi Aryeh Katzin. Dr. Zelenko’s work treating COVID patients in New York has been lauded worldwide. Dr. Zelenko holds nothing back as he clearly lays out what we must do to overcome coronavirus (COVID-19), and reclaim our health and country.… Read the rest
Patrick Going Worldwide

I’m Going WORLDWIDE! Are YOU Coming Aboard? (SHORT VIDEO)

In today’s SPECIAL VIDEO, I, Patrick Rooney, Founder of Old School™, explain the “game plan,” and I invite you to join me! SUPPORT my work on SubscribeStar! To CHANGE your SubscribeStar.com Tier…  To your health and fitness… Patrick Please support my work promoting natural health, success, and freedom during these critical times at SubscribeStar.   Patrick Rooney is the Founder… Read the rest