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Christian Conservative Movement Has Failed

The CHRISTIAN Conservative Movement Has FAILED (VIDEO)

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Check out MY LATEST VIDEO! Description: The Christian conservative movement has failed primarily for one key reason. Patrick Rooney, Founder of Old School™ (Natural Health / Success / Freedom) discusses what went wrong, and the first step in correcting the problem, before we lose our country. Please support my critical work by Donating (1X or monthly): …or by doing the… Read the rest
How to Lose Control of A City

How to Lose Control of A City (VIDEO)

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In MY LATEST VIDEO, I discuss how Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has lost control of his city, after being humiliated by radical activists this past Saturday. I appreciate your support of my work at SubscribeStar at this time; when reason is most needed.  To your health, success, and freedom, Patrick Patrick Rooney is the Founder of He communicates clearly… Read the rest