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Why RIOTERS Support BAD People (VIDEO)

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In MY LATEST VIDEO (YouTube link) I discuss why “protesters” and rioters support bad people and not good ones, and give examples past and present. Lbry.TV VIDEO Link ***Please support my work by making a 1X or monthly donation HERE or on my SUBSCRIBESTAR page. To your health, success, and freedom! Patrick Patrick Rooney is the Founder of OldSchoolUs.com. He… Read the rest

Can TRUMP Fix BLACK America? (VIDEO)

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Check out MY LATEST VIDEO! Can President Trump actually fix Black America? Does this sound like a crazy question? There’s a reason for asking it. In a way, many Black Americans are asking him to do just that. But there’s a better question for Black Americans—and ALL Americans—to ask… HELP ME CONTINUE TO BRING REAL JOURNALISM TO THE PEOPLE! SUPPORT… Read the rest