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Our Right to Peacefully Assemble is ATTACKED in Conservative Franklin, Tennessee (VIDEO)

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I attended a “Rally 4 Freedom” yesterday in Franklin, Tennessee. Franklin is supposedly a very conservative city. But will it REMAIN a conservative city? That’s really up to the “silent majority.” Left-wing disruptors attempted to sabotage the event. This article begins to explain what happened. A Left-wing group called “The People’s Plaza” encouraged people–through their Facebook site–to come and disrupt… Read the rest
Why People Can't See The Evil They Support

Why People Can’t See the EVIL They Support (VIDEO)

In MY LATEST VIDEO I discuss the rapid de-evolution of our society, the chaos rapidly engulfing it, and the reason many don’t even see it. ***Please support my work by making a 1X or monthly donation HERE or on my SUBSCRIBESTAR page. To your health, success, and freedom! Patrick Patrick Rooney is the Founder of OldSchoolUs.com. He communicates clearly and… Read the rest