Our Right to Peacefully Assemble is ATTACKED in Conservative Franklin, Tennessee (VIDEO)

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I attended a “Rally 4 Freedom” yesterday in Franklin, Tennessee. Franklin is supposedly a very conservative city. But will it REMAIN a conservative city? That’s really up to the “silent majority.”

Left-wing disruptors attempted to sabotage the event. This article begins to explain what happened.

A Left-wing group called “The People’s Plaza” encouraged people–through their Facebook site–to come and disrupt the rally by honking their horns.

Facebook post - Honk a Thon

They called it a “Honk a Thon” to “drown out ‘white supremacy.'”


Honk a Thon

So some lefties did come and do that, driving around the block repeatedly and leaning on their horns, disrupting speakers.

Some of these disruptors were chased down by the Franklin PD, and I applaud them for that. The crowd applauded too!

Toward the end of the rally, some angry older guy drove up to an open parking spot right next to the event and set off his car horn alarm. Myself and a few others challenged him. I yelled at  him to “Turn it off!” He claimed a “First Amendment right” to disrupt our event in this way.

But there is no “First Amendment right” to disrupt a peaceful rally! Where I come from, this is called “disturbing the peace.” Perhaps it’s even considered a form of assault.

It appeared at first that the police were going to shut down this old angry Leftist, but this was NOT to be the case. They did NOT make him turn off his car horn-alarm, nor did they arrest him. Instead, they basically protected HIM, and kept people from our side from stopping his disruptive action!

Much of this clash was captured by a video of this event taken by one of the Leftists. This disruption begins at 12:13.

So my attention turned more to the police than to him. I asked to talk to the officer in charge. The officer I spoke with did not tell me who was in charge, only telling me that the Franklin police department was in charge of the street, and the Williamson County sheriffs department was in charge of the rally area. I asked this officer why they were allowing this guy to disrupt our event, that there is NO FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTION for this.

The officer got agitated with ME (NOT the angry old guy who was causing the commotion!).

One of the organizer / speakers of the event minimized the planned disruption: “Let him have his tantrum, it’s okay… we love them…” (you can hear him on the video). I appreciate the organizers and the event they put on, but as an American who appreciates the “right of the People to lawfully assemble”–NO, they do NOT have a right to disrupt our peaceful assembly!

I just noticed while watching the video, that a guy from our side walked by in the midst of the commotion and pushed the video camera into the face of the woman shooting the video. He was finally pointed out by the Leftists, and the police cuffed him, at least temporarily. Okay, that’s understandable, but NO MOVE WAS MADE to stop the guy blowing his car horn–the INSTIGATOR of the whole incident–the police only acted when someone from our side (assuming he was legitimately on our side) overreacted.

I certainly appreciate and support law enforcement one hundred percent, but frankly I find it disturbing when angry Leftists can come to an event with a PRE-DETERMINED MISSION TO DISRUPT, and not only does nothing happen to them, but WE are made to be the trouble makers when we dare challenge the disruption! This is a form of cowardice or corruption, and if we are really looking to “reform” police, this is where it should start. Law enforcement needs to work on behalf of the LAW ABIDING!

And if we know in advance that a Leftist agitator group is planning on Facebook or anywhere else to disrupt one of our events, we need to speak to the police in advance to make sure that they are not allowed to do so. We must stand up for our rights, or they will be trampled by the Left, and the police may not defend us. That’s just a reality.

In closing, I suppose you could say that this is just one more example of why the American People need to come out November 3rd and vote in President Donald J. Trump, and a whole slate of patriotic Republicans, to help stop the madness and “make America great again.”

Yes, this is certainly true!

But politics by itself–as critical as it is–is NOT ENOUGH. The so-called “silent majority” needs to stop purring like a kitten, and start ROARING LIKE A LION!

We must DEMAND that our sacred rights are upheld! Otherwise, we will lose them. Freedom has never been free, and it sure ain’t free now!

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