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Old School goes LIVE for the first time in months, shows Obama-Trump video (that YouTube cut off at the knees!)

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Hello Old Schoolers!

I hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas.

In case you haven’t seen it, I wanted to post last Saturday night’s LIVE Stream. I’ve always enjoyed doing these, and really missed my time away. I hope you enjoy them too. I’d like to do these regularly again–there’s so much going on that needs comment, rebuttal, and clarity.

I’d like to to keep you abreast on current news and culture, and I believe the LIVE Stream is a good format to deliver it in.

Here’s a link to last Saturday night’s stream…

We also showed a “blast from the past” video of Barack Obama attempting to rip President Trump at the 2020 Democrat National Convention, but feeling the blowback himself from his own words! I re-uploaded this video and it quickly got 2,600+ views…

…before YouTube cut it off at the knees right in the heart of prime time! Take a look at this chart. Notice the “rocket ship” takeoff, and then the sudden “mesa-like” flat top it hit! Guess someone or some thing at Google/YouTube didn’t like to see a successful video having fun at the expense of their hero! I’ve never expected fairness from YouTube/Google, and thus have never been disappointed!

Let me know if there’s any topic you think we should cover on “Old School LIVE!”

See you soon!


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