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Maricopa County, ARIZONA Certifies The STEAL Against KARI LAKE! Stand for Free and Fair Elections!

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They’re stealing another election right under our noses!

The Maricopa County, Arizona Board of Supervisors has certified the governor’s election in favor of incumbent Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs over Republican MAGA candidate Kari Lake, despite the fact that the county ran an election filled with printer breakdowns, questionable security, extremely long waits to vote, and at least five major conflicts of interest.

I want you to see what these conflicts of interest were, and how OBVIOUS they were!…

Conflict #1: Katie Hobbs to recuse herself from election oversight as Secretary of State in her own election for Governor.

Conflict #2: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo served as the co-chair of the Latinos for Katie Hobbs coalition, and he is now a member of Hobbs’ transition team.

Conflict #3: Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, who oversaw early voting, founded and operated the Pro-Democracy Republicans PAC, a dark money PAC aimed at eliminating candidates with a MAGA agenda.

Conflict #4: Maricopa County Chairman Bill Gates, who oversaw the election on Election Day, openly rooted against Trump-Endorsed candidates, calling their win in the primaries a “catastrophe” and saying, “I think they are electable, which is frightening.”

Conflict #5: Katie Hobbs threatened to sue any county that did not certify this election and hand her the Governorship. She is moving forward with a lawsuit against Cochise County for delaying certification.

This is on top of the Republican leadership, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell, who refused to support MAGA candidates like Kari Lake. Kari was endorsed by President Donald Trump, and the Republican hierarchy was hell-bent against ceding further power to Trump and the MAGA movement.

Kari Lake has made a video ensuring her supporters that she will be filing a lawsuit to fight this ruling.

Maricopa County decided to certify their election despite the testimony of hundreds of citizens who complained of encountering roadblocks to voting on election day.

Over 500 voters were disenfranchised at ONE MARICOPA COUNTY POLLING PLACE ALONE, an election worker testified!

Here’s an interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room with well-respected journalist Laura Logan detailing the Arizona STEAL.

President Trump released a statement decrying the Arizona governor’s election, saying that Kari Lake should be “installed” as the governor. He deserves credit for continuing to stand for free and fair elections.

Sadly, few prominent Republican office-holders are doing the same. It appears that Senate Republican leader McConnell has (predictably) said nothing in protest against the Arizona Steal, nor has House Minority leader (and soon to be Majority leader) Kevin McCarthy.

Here’s how to contact Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Nor has top GOP 2024 Presidential contender, Florida Governor (and mine) Ron DeSantis made a statement. I’m sure the safe thing to do for Gov. DeSantis is to say nothing about the Arizona Governor’s race, and just highlight what HE has done to bolster the security of his state’s elections.

I applaud the governor for what he has done, and for being an exceptional governor, but the Arizona situation is an opportunity for him to truly stand for freedom, and unfortunately it appears that Gov. DeSantis (and every other governor in the U.S.) is taking the safe way out. I’m a big supporter of this governor, but find his apparent unwillingness to engage here highly disappointing.


To learn more about how you can help ensure free and fair elections, check out

Outraged Arizona citizens and some media figures such as Steve Bannon are speaking out against this travesty. (Notice the SLANTED way in which this supposed news article is framed!)

Frankly, EVERY ABLE-BODIED CITIZEN IN MARICOPA COUNTY AND THE STATE OF ARIZONA should be protesting IN-PERSON, and making a ton of noise on social media, until justice is done regarding this travesty of an “election.” If we do not make noise and DEMAND OUR RIGHT to free and fair elections, then we can never be sure of having fair elections again!

I do credit many Maricopa County residents who waited in a long line to address the Board of Supervisors. They understand that in this day and age, we must stand for our rights, or LOSE THEM FOREVER!

I truly hope that YOU DO YOUR PART in fighting for freedom. It is so small in comparison to the great sacrifices our forefathers made to establish our once great nation! Do we seek a chance to re-establish greatness? Then we need to ACT like it.

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