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Biden Scapegoat

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I saw Joe’s prepared remarks and prepared media “call on” list today, as well as his quick exit stage left; and it was just one more train wreck day of a train wreck week of a train wreck “Residency.”

How much more will Americans take?

And what would actually change if Joe were forced to leave?

Never forget the key point here: Biden removed U.S. troops BEFORE civilians, and he also left our military hardware in the hands of the Taliban! This was not done accidentally.

Let that sink in.

So, if this outrage happened on purpose, and most people recognize Biden is not in charge, then why is everyone so focused on Biden?

Because this is where the real decision-makers want us to be focused.

The American Thinker posted a great article today by Christopher Skeet–The Afghanistan Debacle is Exactly What the Left Wanted. And remember, the Left is in charge of the Biden Administration.

I hope you read his piece–it’s excellent history, and a sobering reminder of how much the Left hates America. As Christopher said, notice how quiet the Left is this week. They’re not complaining about the outcome!

The Left gets utter U.S. humiliation–a dream for them. But they also get something else they love–which I mentioned in my recent post–lots of questionably vetted refugees, to further weaken the America that was.

Tucker Carlson has once again stepped forward to say what needs to be said: That we should not be resettling Afghan refugees before rescuing American citizens, and that this influx of refugees from Afghanistan could further divide the United States.

We should certainly help those who have helped us, but even with them we need to be very careful due to their sometimes questionable allegiances. I explained this in my recent post linked above.

Joe & Co.’s callousness in leaving behind thousands of Americans and Afghans has left a huge hole that some private citizens are attempting to fill. Glenn Beck’s audience has raised $22 million in two days to help Christians and others trapped in the country. God bless Glenn and his audience for that.

At today’s address, Biden promised to get Americans trapped in Afghanistan home, though his administration does not know how many are there. British soldiers are leaving the Kabul airport to rescue their citizens, yet the U.S.–with far greater capability–is not.

We must pressure the Biden Administration to go get Americans and other allies who are trapped in Kabul and elsewhere (as other countries are doing for their citizens), get them to the airport, and safely home!

I attempted to call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 to demand that we do what is necessary to provide our citizens safe passage TO the airport! But I received a message that the office is “currently closed”! Isn’t this so indicative of this administration–from the Resident, whose first instinct in this crisis was to flee–to the Vice Resident, who fled to Vietnam of all places (uhhh, bad optics, Kamala!).

Joe’s future, and does it matter?

It would not be surprising if Joe is thrown overboard sooner rather than later. We knew from the beginning that he would bow out at some point and Kamala would replace him (shudder). So we can yell and scream that “Joe Must Go!” And sure, Joe should go. Of course, he should not have come to begin with. But don’t get me started.

But nothing would really change.

Remember, many of the people in charge are not disappointed with what is happening in Afghanistan. Or what is happening at our border. Or the loss of American energy independence. Or rampant inflation. I’m not putting these fiascos on the same level as the potential mass loss of life of American citizens and allies. But I am saying that these are all part of the same strategy–the destruction of America as we know it.

There’s something that Americans need to grow up about–nothing this administration does is by accident–just as nothing done by the Obama administration was an accident. It is ALL by design!

So our focus needs to be the entire apparatus that supports the Resident, the media (news and entertainment), the government school system, the RINOS and the corrupt courts who allowed the theft of the 2020 election.

And as I recently said, if the ongoing election audits find sufficient evidence that would overturn the results of the last election, then we don’t wait until “next time”–we prosecute the crime, and provide a consequence and justice for that crime, just like any other.

Meaning we re-install the rightful winner of the 2020 Presidential election–yes, I said it. Would there be a firestorm? You bet. But we’ve allowed the degradation of America to go so far that at this point THERE WILL BE CHAOS NO MATTER WHICH WAY WE GO. I vote for TEMPORARY chaos with JUSTICE–and a secure America!

Meanwhile, we’ve got to get busy challenging the Left’s complete takeover of our culture–the root of the problem.

If we don’t fix this situation by really dealing with the problem, then we will continue to endure a lot of screeching and chest thumping–actions the ruling class are good at–but no real change whatsoever–the Afghanistan mess and the election debacle will merely be speed bumps on their way to total control.

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