I’ve Started a NEW PHASE—To Meet the Situation WE Face!

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New Phase

Dear Friend of Old School™,

America is experiencing its deepest crisis ever. Courage, clear thinking, and practical guidance are more important to our survival—and survival as a People—than they’ve ever been.

During the COVID crisis, I produced a number of videos promoting cutting edge, highly-effective treatment information, and exposing the information and “experts” who put your life at risk.

During the riots and mass destruction, I produced videos promoting freedom, and telling you the stories the “mainstream” media refused to tell you.

And now that America has a little breathing space (not much), it’s high time we created massive SUCCESS again!

The new phase I’m announcing is a vast increase of PODCASTING--interviewing those who know how to help you find greater health, security, and personal, family, and entrepreneurial success. It is time we take responsibility for learning what is necessary to thrive in the toughest times. I didn’t name my business Old School for nothing!

Podcasting allows me to do two things I’ve been able to do well in my life:

#1: LISTEN to good sense!

#2: Provide ACCESS to useful and critical resources.

Now my Subscribers will have that same access. And it’s highly VALUABLE access!

The podcasts we create will be available ONLY to Subscribers on my SubscrdibeStar page.

I’m going to be blunt here—to date I’ve raised only a FRACTION of the amount I need to be able to spend the time, energy, and money needed to make my work the most effective it can possibly be. I NEED YOUR HELP TODAY.

Your small investment in my work will pay major dividends to your future, your family’s future, and the future of the United States of America. 

Are you looking to give you and your family a leg up during the most challenging times we’ve ever experienced? Do you want to see your country bounce back to greatness? (Honestly, America is the LAST AND GREATEST HOPE OF MANKIND). Then I invite you to check out my SubscribeStar page, where you can help me help YOU AND YOURS thrive in these trying times.

If you’d like to see a quick video tour of my SubscribeStar site, CLICK HERE

To Your health, success, and freedom!


Patrick Rooney is the Founder of OldSchoolUs.com. He communicates clearly and fearlessly during perilous times about natural health, success, and freedom. To reach Patrick, email him at [email protected].

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