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Don’t Put a QUESTION in a Title Unless You Don’t Want People to READ Any Further!

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Monday I posted an article. It was related to a spiritual question, and a principle I discovered in meditation that made a Bible verse come alive for me. I was excited to pass this on.

So I did what I often do when I post: I made a title in the form of a question.

Questions have the advantage of drawing people to answer that question.

But there is a built-in weakness to this method too: 1. People are BUSY these days, and often don’t bother reading beyond titles. 2. People often think they already know the answer to the question.

Together–these two weaknesses can lead to predictable results, which I should have foresaw.

Don’t get me wrong–I know that some people DO read further than the title, and I know that some did with Monday’s post. I’m grateful for that, and that’s who I’m writing for—the person who takes the time to read beyond the title.

I am trying these days to keep my posts fairly short too, realizing the time crunch people have.

In addition to the “risk” raised by posting a title with a question, there is also a tremendous risk in delving into subject matter that is extremely important (our connection with the the Spirit of God)–but that most people already have set opinions about.

You know the old saying, “Don’t discuss politics or religion.” (What else is there?! 🙂 )

I really wish I could make some of these discussions really easy and agreeable to more people. At this point, I just don’t know how. We have been taught a certain way, and have accepted certain “realities” for so long, that sometimes it seems almost impossible to get people to examine an alternative or new revelation… especially in the areas of politics and religion.

I primarily communicate about what I see and have experienced for myself. I don’t waste my time with theories.

I have certainly been wrong about opinions, but my experience is what it is. I cannot change how I do things, though sometimes further experience leads to a deeper understanding.

I also understand that the reader often has a lifetime of experience of his or her own, and that sometimes my discoveries/experiences are viewed as a threat to theirs. That is not my intention.

Anyway, I will keep an eye on my titles, with the intention of drawing in readers or viewers, but hopefully in a way that does not KILL discussion, but FOSTERS it. We have much to learn from each other–the challenges are unparalleled–we NEED collective wisdom–not further division.

I hope you’ll join me in this quest.

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