How Deep is the Swamp?

It’s NOT About Hunter – How DEEP is the Swamp? (VIDEO)

In My Latest Video, I discuss the Hunter Biden—Joe Biden scandal, and ask why our competitors and enemies were willing to pay Hunter and others large amounts of money. I also discuss just how deep the swamp is and why it is so. Please support my work HERE …or on My Subscribestar page To your health, success, and freedom! Patrick… Read the rest
Rally 4 Freedom thumbnail

Our Right to Peacefully Assemble is ATTACKED in Conservative Franklin, Tennessee (VIDEO)

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I attended a “Rally 4 Freedom” yesterday in Franklin, Tennessee. Franklin is supposedly a very conservative city. But will it REMAIN a conservative city? That’s really up to the “silent majority.” Left-wing disruptors attempted to sabotage the event. This article begins to explain what happened. A Left-wing group called “The People’s Plaza” encouraged people–through their Facebook site–to come and disrupt… Read the rest
Nasty Kamala

Do You Really Want This NASTY Woman As President? (VIDEO)

In My Latest Video, I discus last night’s Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. The question is, would you really want to see this nasty woman as President? If many Americans would, then God help us–we won’t last much longer as a nation. Hannity: Kamala Harris’ Cringeworthy Debate Was Packed with Lies Please support… Read the rest
Trump and Melania Will SHOCK the World!

Trump and Melania Will SHOCK the World! (VIDEO)

In My Latest Video, I discuss President Trump’s announcement that he and First Lady Melania have tested positive for COVID-19, how it will be used to try to finally “get” Trump, and how I believe they will fail once again! Prayers up for President Trump and First Lady Melania! To your health, success, and freedom! Patrick Patrick Rooney is the… Read the rest
Every ONE of these TRUMP Moves is HUGE!

Every ONE of these TRUMP Moves is HUGE! (VIDEO)

In MY LATEST VIDEO, I discuss a number of giant moves by President Trump that have shaken our world, and yet are consistently and purposely underplayed, ignored, or attacked by the “mainstream” media. Trump’s Presidency is truly historic! I forgot to mention North Korea: Prior to Trump, it appeared we were headed for a potential NUCLEAR confrontation with them that… Read the rest
Obama Exposes Himself Trying to Destroy Trump

Obama EXPOSES HIMSELF Trying to Destroy Trump! (VIDEO)

In MY LATEST VIDEO, Barack Obama launched a pointed attack against President Trump during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately for him, his combative words exposed himself more than the President! ***Please support my work with a 1X or Monthly Donation HERE or… …on My SubscribeStar page *** To your health, success, and freedom! Patrick Patrick Rooney is… Read the rest
Media won't admit white boy's killer is black

MEDIA Headlines Won’t Say White Boy’s KILLER is BLACK (VIDEO)

In MY LATEST VIDEO, I show that media headlines refuse to print that the alleged killer of white 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, 25-year-old Darius Sessoms, is black. Just imagine if the roles were reversed? In fact, we don’t have to imagine at all—we all saw how the media pointed out at every opportunity that George Floyd died at the hands of… Read the rest
If you don't support me I'll be forced to do THIS

If you don’t support me, I’ll be forced to do THIS (VIDEO—SHARE with your friends and family!)

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In MY LATEST VIDEO, I talk frankly about what I’ll have to do if I do not receive the support necessary to promote natural health, success, and freedom during these critical times. Old School™ ***PLEASE SUPPORT MY WORK AT SUBSCRIBESTAR WITH A 1X OR MONTHLY DONATION*** You can also give at Thank You! Patrick Patrick Rooney is… Read the rest
Grumpy Old Men are Hurting the Conservative Movement


In MY LATEST VIDEO, I lament the slide of heroic white, conservative men into “grumpy old men.” Meanwhile, it is often taking black men, black women, and black woman IMMIGRANTS to inspire new blood into the movement, too often leaving “grumpy old men” in the dust. One of the reasons for the existence of Old School™ is to “teach old… Read the rest