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Business: Where to Start?

Brian Pombo - Business-Where To Start

Business strategy coach and Old School Contributor Brian J. Pombo begins his series on starting and operating a rewarding and successful business. Often, would-be entrepreneurs get stuck right at the start–and this is right where Brian starts today!

“Success” is a key part of this discussion–what is your idea of success. Where do you want to go? It may be easier in the beginning to define where you don’t want to go.

Be sure to leave any questions for Brian in the comment section of the video.

Here’s how to get a FREE COPY of his book of his book 9 Ways to Amazon-Proof Your Business.

Brian J. Pombo

Brian J. Pombo is a Business Investor and Growth Strategist.

Brian purchases, partners, and advises with businesses globally, including recognized brands like Craftsman, Shell, Jaguar, and Sony. In addition, he is a successful author and podcaster, who promotes business growth through thoughtful, holistic strategies.

“Use business as a tool positive change in the world. Never serve your business. Build IT to serve you and others.”

Find out more and connect with Brian at

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