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A Special Message From Patrick Rooney

Dear Friend of Old School,

I don’t need to tell you that we are living in perilous times.

We are facing the biggest external threat of our lifetimes in the coronavirus (COVID-19) / economic / civil liberties crisis.

Attached to this threat is the spiraling breakdown of order that started well before this event. As a people, we have lost the strong bond with our Creator that we once knew. Therefore, we have lost the knowledge of who we are.

Every breakdown we have experienced is related to the original breakdown. This includes the breakdown of the family, the distrust among races, the breakdown of values, the breakdown of our health, the breakdown of our ingenuity and work ethic that made us economically strong, and the breakdown of our freedom, which as you can see, is disappearing before our eyes.

I have been watching this societal disintegration occur for the past several decades, and have worked tirelessly to help organizations and individuals stem the tide, and reclaim our birthright.

And I have long been interested in mass communication. Way back in the day, I was a journalism and radio / TV / film major in college, a classic movie buff, and a classic rock fan! I’ve co-written three screenplays, numerous press releases and grants, edited top books, and produced radio and TV shows. Yeah, I’ve got some experience in communications!

In short, I now realize that this is a calling for me—to communicate, and advocate my life passions: natural health, strong culture, success, and freedom.

I want to dedicate as much time and energy as I am able to being YOUR advocate during these perilous times.

To this end, I have set up a page on I am beginning to post key blog posts, videos, and podcasts with the content I am known for—simple, clear, truthful, positive… and most of all, useful!

I intend to create some “behind the scenes” natural living stuff, and some fun stuff too. We all need some fun in our lives, especially now!

I think in a simple, direct way. I do not speak of what I don’t understand, and I break down the sometimes complex into easily understood information. Otherwise, I can’t understand it myself.

In order for me to produce quality and consistent content, I must have your help. I know times are tough, but I offer content of exceptional value to your state of mind, immune health, fitness, the survival of our culture, our ability to sustain ourselves economically, and our very freedom itself.

As you can see, I ain’t a one trick pony!

At this time, I am offering just one level of support: $5 per month. I want to keep this very simple. And I know that most people are not swimming in money at the moment!

To devote serious time to this work, I need your help, and I need it now.

To support my critical work, just go to my page at SubscribeStar, hit the “Subscribe” button on the left, and follow the prompts. Keep in mind, you can cancel any time you wish if you feel for any reason I am not providing the value you expect (believe me, I do NOT expect that to be an issue!)

I have already had my work deleted from YouTube and Vimeo, jeopardizing my income. In fact, even my coronavirus videos that YouTube DOES allow, cannot be monetized!

So much for letting every voice be heard!

In fact, I’ve already posted (under lock for my Subscribers) my original coronavirus video, “Why Are They Suppressing This Amazing Treatment?” You’ll have access to the video, as well as my coming locked content, when you subscribe.

I can continue to create great products like my Greek Physique™ eBook and Greek Yoga™ for Beginners Video. I may still do that, but I believe the more time I can spend providing the content most needed during these challenging times, the better for all concerned.

And some of my SubscribeStar content will indeed be simple natural health and fitness instructionals.

So what do you say? You know what I’m about. You know my work. You understand my commitment to every area of health (spiritual, mental, and physical), success, and freedom.

Would you be willing to commit just $5 per month to enable me to spend more time helping you, your children, and the next generation to survive and thrive? (what we do RIGHT NOW will surely chart our future course!).

Then please support my work today.

Thank you so much and God bless you,


Patrick Rooney

Founder, Old School™

P.S. Remember, every person who takes the step to support my work right now brings me one step closer to being able to devote full time and attention to helping you and your loved ones improve your health, find more success, and fight for your freedom. We’re in this together, and I’m ready to pour all I have into this cause. Just give me the green light!